Sony's New PlayStation Stars Program Betrays Most Users

Rich people getting preferential treatment when it comes to essential stuff? Where have we seen this before?
Sony's New PlayStation Stars Program Betrays Most Users

Sony will soon launch its new loyalty program, called Playstation Stars – no, not to be confused with the Playstation Plus service or the defunct Playstation All-Stars game. Anyone who's into conspiracy theories should probably begin telling the world that Sony's making it all pretty confusing and awful for users on purpose, as the new program promises to give the "more loyal" fans not just better perks, but better customer service as well.

The program is comprised of four tiers, and players can progress by showing they're the best of fans by spending money on Sony stuff, but of course. Sony vouches to give extra perks to the people who spend more money on the system, and we get that, what we don't get is that Sony wants to reduce the priority of "less loyal fans" when it comes to customer support issues. That's a downgrade and, honestly, a betrayal to all the people who probably went through a lot of crap to get a PS5 and are now learning that they'll begin getting treated worse by the company.

Imagine having a serious malfunction in your console that prevents you from playing games and seeing your ticket losing priority in the queue to some richer guy who's complaining that his new avatar isn't loading. Sounds bad? Well, it's even worse, really. Tier 4 members will skip the queue altogether. The system is already working in Japan, and players are pissed. Interestingly, however, instead of just going full-on harassing mode, they actually provided interesting alternatives, such as pointing out that if you're to prioritize anyone when it comes to customer support, you should prioritize newer customers who still don't know the console's inner workings.

Playstation Stars tier list explained (In Japanese, sorry)


It's in Japanese so our readers are just gonna have to blindly believe us the same way we believe the guy we killed to steal this intel.

Games are meant to provide an escape from the real world, not to remind us of its dire realities. Sony has done such a great job for so long when it comes to the former that here's hoping they will wake up and fix this crap before Playstation Stars arrives in the west in October.

Top Image: Sony

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