Remembering Mr. Bones' Wild Ride, 'Rollercoaster Tycoon's' Scariest Creation

The ride never ends.
Remembering Mr. Bones' Wild Ride, 'Rollercoaster Tycoon's' Scariest Creation

We all have heard many tales of evil rollercoasters in video games, and chances are they're true because who doesn't love to use the sandbox mode to create huge deathtraps?

various "accidents" at planet coaster

Frontier Developments

Pictured: the regular Rollercoaster sandbox experience

And all those tales bow down to the greatest of them all: Mr. Bones' Wild Ride. Why? Because this was an actual custom-designed Rollercoaster ride for the original Rollercoaster Tycoon that spawned a creepypasta – and not the other way around. The ride looked innocuous enough at first:

A seemingly regular rollercoaster park

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But it had a few very interesting particularities. Did it at some point speed up and shoot everyone against a wall? Nope, quite the opposite, actually. The ride was especially long, spanning over 30,000 feet of track, and especially slow, slow to the point of taking 70 minutes to complete, which means more than 4 years in Rollercoaster Tycoon time. NPCs would constantly shout that they wanted off of Mr. Bones' wild ride, but they just had to wait for it to be over. It was only 4 years later that they would see the exit but instead of leaving they would be greeted by Mr Bones himself holding a giant sign that said: “THE RIDE NEVER ENDS”. 

Mr. Bones talks to his customers

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What did this mean, exactly? It meant that the path that they were taking to the exit was actually taking them to another entrance. Mr Bones' Wild Ride never ends.

The Wild Ride's true form (complete with customers begging to leave)

Frontier Developments

Just a regular day at a very wild ride.

Fans have since reproduced the horrors of Mr. Bones' ride in other, more modern, games, and man we're hoping NPCs never gain sentience because man, they'll be pissed.

Wild Ride Remade

Frontier Developments

Above is Mr Bones' Wild Ride remade on Planet Coaster. It looks very pretty, but it is the exact opposite of that.

Below is a beautiful dramatization of the original story.

Top Image: Frontier Developments

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