Who Was Allegedly Behind 'The GTA 6' Hack? A 17-Year-Old

Is he even old enough to play GTA?
Who Was Allegedly Behind 'The GTA 6' Hack? A 17-Year-Old

Unless everything you know about hackers you learned from the underrated sci-fi classic documentary Hackers, you'll probably think that real-life hacks are more about social engineering than about actual hardcore coding over the sound of some electro beat and that most hackers are middle-aged adults. Hell, even we have been misleading our readers by reporting huge Internet heists performed by goddamn North Korea. Hackers got this one right, though, as authority reports seem to make it very clear that the big-ass GTA 6 hack that we've been covering lately was indeed performed by a kid in England.


Sorry to disappoint, but it turns out that this is not what peak male hacker performance looks like.

Please note that we're referring to him as “a kid” and not as “just some kid” because he seems to be the real deal. The 17-year-old (yes, that already counts as a “kid”) who managed to steal both the GTA 5 and GTA 6 source codes and had the guts to reach out to Rockstar for a “deal” is seemingly a part of Lapsu$, a dangerous hacker group (also composed of kids) that we had previously covered when they breached the security of Microsoft and Nvidia. In fact, the BBC was already referring to this hacker as "multi-millionaire cyber-criminal" back in March, when he was still just 16 years old. The multi-millionaire cyber-criminal has admitted to breaking the conditions of bail set after the Nvidia and Microsoft attack but refused to plead guilty to the charge of computer misuse.

Top Image: Rockstar

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