Rockstar Gets Revenge On 'GTA 6' Leak By Killing 'GTA 4' Definitive Edition

Rockstar seems to be having some trouble telling between foe and fan.
Rockstar Gets Revenge On 'GTA 6' Leak By Killing 'GTA 4' Definitive Edition

If there's one thing Rockstar games learned from all the mob movies they consume is the notion of respect – or at least a gangster's idea of respect, which usually just means extreme pettiness. Rockstar Games is going through a rough time as the source code for GTA VI fell into the hands of a hacker who is threatening to do some dumb villain stuff with it. We expected the company would take this situation seriously, but also in a smart manner. Sadly, Rockstar seems to have adopted an aggressive stance towards all kinds of modders as they have just nuked a popular GTA IV mod. 

Yeah, we're also just as puzzled as to why they would seemingly take a break from talking to the FBI just so they could forcefully remove a completely unrelated mod that people actually like. The mod in question is GTA 4 Definitive Edition, a fan mod that puts together dozens of graphical fan mods that intend to fill the void left by Rockstar when it comes to a proper GTA IV remaster.

The people behind the GTA IV Definitive Edition Project are definitely not the kind of people who'd do anything to hurt the company as they are likely also suffering from the possibility of seeing GTA VI delayed because of the hack. It sucks a lot to see Rockstar treating their most passionate fans like this after getting such an outpour of support after the attack.

Interestingly, the reason why we don't have more remastered content coming from Rockstar is, you guessed it, the company's pettiness towards the bad response they got to the original Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. Yeah, Rockstar had their own GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption remasters in the pipeline but they canceled them because people dared point out that the trilogy remasters weren't in good shape.

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