Hacker Stole GTA 6's Code And Threatens To Leak It All

What a weird way to commemorate the 20th birthday of Half-Life 2's code leak.
Hacker Stole GTA 6's Code And Threatens To Leak It All

All the Grand Theft Auto fans who couldn't wait to learn about the upcoming GTA 6 will likely begin regretting their impatience pretty soon as a hacker just stole the game's code, a dumb move that's sure to delay the whole thing indefinitely and make life hell for all Rockstar employees -- kind of a big price to pay for learning that yup, it's going to have cars and crime.

Since the damage is done, we might as well let our readers know that the game will be centered around a Bonnie & Clyde type couple, it will take place in a modern version of Vice City and put a big emphasis on highly-detailed small robberies. It's unclear whether those will then ramp up to the level we saw in the massive heists from GTA V.

And now for the nasty stuff. 

News of the leak came accompanied by actual video game footage, a lot of footage of a game that's clearly years away from completion. Instead of siding with the developers in these certainly trying times and offering some kind words, thousands of people took to Twitter to complain that the game looks like crap. 

Well, of course it does. First, the footage is years old, and second, this part in the development process is about making the hugely complex systems behind the game work, not about making it presentable – companies can't just make games look pretty from the beginning just in case the whole thing gets leaked. But if you think the fans lack a bit of common sense, just wait until you meet the mind of the hacker behind the whole thing. This guy somehow managed to gain access not just to the source code for GTA VI, but also to the one for GTA V, which he has announced he's selling. He says he isn't interested in selling GTA VI's code yet because he's willing to make a deal with Rockstar for it.

Interestingly, this massive leak takes place 20 years after a very similar leak of another huge game, Half-Life 2. HL2's source code leak forced Valve to implement huge changes in the game, changes that led to a year-long delay. This whole process sent the entire company into great distress, with the only two silver linings being how the final version of Half-Life 2 ended up arguably superior to what they originally had, and the fact that they managed to track down the hacker via a fake job interview they set up with the help of the FBI. Here's hoping Rockstar takes some notes there and that their “deal” with the hacker goes well. 

Top Image: Rockstar

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