UK Politician Jeremy Corbyn Spotted Playing 'DOOM' Mod That Allows The Player To Blow Up Margaret Thatcher

Good luck keeping these politics out of video games.
UK Politician Jeremy Corbyn Spotted Playing 'DOOM' Mod That Allows The Player To Blow Up Margaret Thatcher

Things are weird across the pond. Brittain has a new prime minister, one capable of irradiating austerity waves of such magnitude that they instantly killed the Queen the first time the two met. That forced England to come up with a new King, one nobody likes yet -- maybe the people will grow to like him more as he grows even older and grumpier. Not everything is doom and gloom, though. Some of it is just doom, as evidenced by how we just saw ex-UK government opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn playing this hot new DOOM 2 Mod where players get to kill ex-British PM, Margaret Thatcher.

Ok, anyone who doesn't know who Margaret Thatcher is, think Reagan but worse – ok, not worse because she was actually worse, but because she was the same thing but British. No, really. They both carried themselves through life in the same pompous manner, they both implemented similar awful policies because they kept copying each other's awful policies the entire time, and they both inspired entire generations by dying. The mod in question is Tatcher's Techbase by Jim Purvis, a great conversion of the original DOOM 2 where Thatcher comes back from the dead and stays alive until we fix that problem. It's probably the Game Of The Year of the lady below:

And she's not the only fan for sure, as Jeremy Corbyn, ex-opposition leader in the UK was seen playing and approving the experience.

Again, people who don't know who Jeremy Corbyn is and don't understand how awesome that is, that's the equivalent of seeing Bernie Sanders destroying Reagan in a game. Thatcher's Techbase is part of Living Rent, an initiative meant to help improve the living conditions of tenants in Scotland, people who probably shouldn't still be paying for the awful decisions of the Thatcher era.

Good thing no one in the US is still hurting from Reagan-era bullsh*t.

Thatcher's Techbase can be downloaded for free right here.

Top Image: Bethesda, Jim Purvis

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