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8 Amazing Video Game Moments That Happened by Accident

That's the best part of gaming, after all: those unscripted, unplanned moments that stick with you, even when the story is lost to a hazy blur.


6 A-holes You Meet in Every Online Game

Six types of gamer take a world where we literally play with a global supercomputer network and piss all over it.


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5 Ways Video Games Are Saving Mankind

Yeah, no -- we're just as shocked as you are.


5 Life Lessons Learned from the 'Left 4 Dead' Franchise

I'm going to explain these all to you right now so I can pretend I'm not wasting my life playing video games in my basement.


5 Awesome Flaws in the New 'BioShock' Game

Some people will get furious if you so much as mention the protagonist's name. If that's you, you might want to stay away from this article, the entire Internet, other people, and possibly small children, because it sounds like you've got some rage issues.


The 5 Most Offensive Attempts at Video Game Marketing

We're just going to go ahead and wash our eyeballs with bleach. Thanks, marketers!


The 7 Best Ideas for Video Games (That Will Never Get Made)

Within, you'll find just a small sampling of games so ingenious you'll punch your own crotch just to distract you from the pain of not owning them.


The 7 Most Impressive Dick Moves in Online Gaming History

If we programmed cancer into an online game, it would be cured within a week, but humanity would be wiped out by some dickhead creating super-leprosy-AIDS-cancer of the scrotum.


6 Moments in Video Game Adaptations That Improved the Movie

It turns out that video game makers don't give two craps about canon, even if the game is based on an all-time cinema classic. And sometimes that's awesome.


The 6 Most Absurd Product Placements in Video Game History

Apparently some companies want an entire game devoted to peddling their brand. The results are ... very unfortunate.


6 Unintentionally Hilarious Glitches Hidden in Video Games

A good glitch can transfer you from boring, gritty realism into a magical world full of the most physics-defying, madness inducing randomness this side of a mushroom trip at the bottom of a ball-pit.


5 Bizarre Ways Online Gaming Is Affecting the Real World

It turns out that while you're going around innocently shooting zombies or running people over in colorful virtual worlds, other people are abusing the same games to plan actual murders, carry out Ponzi schemes, or finance kinky virtual red-light districts.


6 Reasons a Great Game Developer Just Went Bankrupt

A giant has fallen. Video game developer and publisher THQ filed for Chapter 11, and like the death of any loved one, it seemed to come out of an impossible nowhere.


The Truth About Guns and Video Games

When it comes time to tackle tough issues in the wake of unimaginable tragedies, politicians are at just as much of a loss as we are. But it's their job to act, so they start throwing wild swings, hoping they're going to hit the right target but too scared to open their eyes to see where the punches land.