Unreal Engine and Return to Monkey Island: The Best Gaming News of the Week - April 10, 2022

Plus game releases to get your grubby lil' mitts on in the week to come!
Unreal Engine and Return to Monkey Island: The Best Gaming News of the Week - April 10, 2022

It’s a great week for nostalgists, remakes and returns but the real highlight of the week was finally getting an answer to the question: what does Master Chief’s booty look like? They showed the cheeks that will save us all on the Halo show. While we calm down from that, here’s the biggest gaming news from this week and a few games we can’t wait to get our paws on in the week to come. Happy gaming.

Return to Monkey Island! It’s a rare treat to have a game announced and released in the same year. We don’t want the devs toying with our emotions too much. But toy they have with the announcement of Return to Monkey Island. The game has been developed in secrecy for the past two years and will pick up the story where Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge left off. LucasArts, Devolver Digital, and original creator Ron Gilbert’s Terrible Toybox have united to bring us what will hopefully be a fantastic follow up to the classic 90’s point and click games.

Max Payne! After America’s most beloved action hero Bruce Willis announced he’s stepping back from acting, we needed the news of the Max Payne 1 & 2 remake big time. The games will come out as one single title telling the tale of violent vigilante Max Payne. We can all relive the glory, gory action days of the first games when the remakes come out on Xbox X, PS5, and PC. No word on exactly when that will be, but as fans have been telling devs for years: a good game is worth the wait.  

Unreal Engine 5 Officially Released! If you’re a dev working with Unreal Engine 5, stop reading and go get to making us a next-gen tasty game! Jk, jk, devs need to catch up on the news too. This week saw the official release of the most cutting edge animation software that is going to underpin most of the new AAA games for this generation of consoles. We’re frothingly excited to see what’s next

Game Releases!

April 12 - Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror is the first DLC to expand upon the fan favorite co-op shooter. Grab some buddies and your teddy bear, it’s going to be scary fun.

April 14 - Cat Cafe Manager looks just adorable and if you’re wondering what the game is about: the title says it all. Build, curate, and manage the kitties of your dreams when this game comes out later this week on Switch and PC.

April 15 - Taito Classics! Classics never go out of style and you can get your thumbs on 10 from the vault. Play these pixel-happy retro games on the Switch this week. Elevator Action is getting our blood pumping.

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