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'Innovative' Things That Are Taking Steps Backward

Like looking into a Black Mirror.


If You're A Climate Change Denier, You Might Be A Twitter Bot

You telling me my best friend and very real person @Patriot000646518 has been lying to me?!?


Facebook Is The Second Coming Of Crappy 1990s AOL

AOL is the blueprint for all technology.


Presenting The Microphone-Jamming Bracelet Straight Out Of The Lamest Dystopia Possible

If you wear it, no one will want to talk to you anyway.


Target's Grocery Deliverymen Are Being Told To Buy Gifts For Rich Customers

It's a Shipt job, but someone's got to do it.


6 Beloved Memes With Disturbing Origin Stories

You might think twice about copy-and-pasting certain formats after learning this.


4 Everyday Technologies That Never Seem To Improve

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Disney's Acrobatic Spider-Man Robot Is Going To Kill Someone

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man!


4 Dumb Ways Your Favorite Sites Are Dying

Major sites are getting hit hard.


4 Ways The Internet Is Built Entirely On Lies

This whole internet thing is all just an inane cycle of grifts.


Using AI To Develop Movies Isn't As Bad As It Sounds ... Yet

“Computer, make me a good movie that appeals to all demographics. Scratch that – make it a great movie.”


For No Reason, Mercedes-Benz Made An 'Avatar' Car

Plug your ponytail into the cigarette lighter and rev it up, baby!


Presenting The Therapeutic Headless Robot Kitten Butt

It has neither a butthole nor a head to lick it with, so that’s a plus.


Segway's New Vehicle Was Made For Professor X Cosplay

Magnetic arch-nemesis not included.