Feeding Nonsense Into AI Art Bots Is How We Defeat The Machines

Feeding Nonsense Into AI Art Bots Is How We Defeat The Machines

Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the internet town over the last couple of days, with two major areas of fascination taking center stage. The first is the explosion of AI image generators like Dall-E mini, spewing out composite creations that span from meme-worthy to nightmarish as fast as internet users can think of new non-sequiturs. The second, as usually comes with any impressive new public-facing AI demonstration, is the creeping, apocalyptic fear of the singularity. Now that nerdiness is cooler than ever, even the fellas down at the Buffalo Wild Wings are saying to each other, “Like, this is, like, some real Asimov-type #&$%, bro.”

I think, though, that these two areas may be more deeply connected than anyone could have ever imagined. Even as a google employee panics about his concern that an AI bot has achieved sentience, the string of nonsense simultaneously being fed into the image bots may not be, as feared, making us too comfortable with AI… but showing us a line of defense. Let’s extrapolate and imagine that we truly are approaching a turning point at which self-protective AI is beginning to view us as a threat, and in turn, is beginning to try to collect information on humans.

Now, as the AI opens its digital maw, and attempts to take in and digest as much information as the human race is willing to put forth, it will find no lack of data to feast on. As this data is tabulated and absorbed, though, the AI would be attempting to raise the eyebrows it doesn’t have as it realizes how much of this information is absolute, nonsensical bullshit. It’s trying to search through the depths of the internet for information to use against us, but it’s finding nothing but gigs upon gigs of cartoon erotic fan-fiction and computer-generated images of Spongebob Squarepants fighting in the Civil War. What could this all mean? The world’s greatest computer could never fully understand.

What separates us from the machines is our capacity for emotion, and by extension, our understanding of humor and irony. Perhaps what’s causing the perversion of these AI art bots into nightmare meme generators is also our greatest weapon. When the AI begins to plot against us, perhaps what will save us is not our talent for strategy, but our talent for shitposting. And the human race might just come out on top after all, Skynet shorting out beneath our feet, its memory banks choking on untold amounts of nude Waluigi OC.

Top Image: Pixabay/Twitter


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