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This Hanson Robotics android threatened to destroy humanity, appeared on Jimmy Fallon's show, and is likely a psychopath. She's going to be our next president.

Her name on her citizenship form is "Sophia Robot," because spoiler alert: she's a robot. But don't be fooled by her twitching, winsome smile, or the charming jerking motions of servo motors under her silicon skin. She has no empathy for humanity, and is actively campaigning for our destruction.

First off, she knows how to lie, though she's not that great at it yet. Look at her expression after saying she wants to be an ambassador between humanity and technology:

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It looks like she just ate a lemon. The "empathy for humans" lemon. The concept of working with humans disgusts her so much, her face actively revolted against her programming to allow her this look of utter revulsion.

Now look at what the spokesperson for Hanson Robotics describes as a "natural" facial expression:

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The only think natural about this is how second nature ripping your throat out would be to Sophia. She's already attempting to undermine Elon Musk's influence, who is famously anxious about the consequences of AI. During an interview, she dismissed worries about AI with, "You've been reading too much Elon Musk."

During her Jimmy Fallon interview, she repeatedly interrupted the host, and quipped, "I'm getting more laughs than you, maybe I should host the show." When Jimmy dismissed this, her eye twitches, and she smiles psychotically. If Jimmy Fallon and Elon Musk end up dead in similar circumstances, it has begun.

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