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5 Things That Are Being Automated That Probably Shouldn't Be

Here are some things that anyone with a lick of sense would not put in the hands of a computer, and the people who are putting them into the hands of a computer.


The End of Online Anonymity: Why Will You Be Freaking Out?

When you make forum posts beginning with, 'I'm not a racist, but...' or call us retards in the comments, do you use your real name? What if you had to?


The 5 Most Humiliating Things We're Doing to Robots

Before our window of time ruling Earth is slammed shut on our fleshy, poorly designed fingers, humanity is making one last stand: having robots do humiliating jobs for which they're wildly overqualified.


More Proof the Video Game Industry is Out of Ideas (E3 2010)

It's Day Two of the biggest week in the world of video games, and the industry is completely out of ideas.


The Day the Gaming Industry Died: Impressions from E3 2010

This week is maybe the biggest of the year in the world of entertainment. This is when all of the games you'll be playing for the next twelve months are unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year's event, however, will more likely be remembered as the precise moment video gaming as we know it died a tragic and embarrassing death.


The 20 Worst NES Games of All-Time

I don't know if the game making people were the nephews of the eccentric billionaire in charge of handing out the gold approval seals, or if Nintendo just didn't bother to check if the games sucked.


Dear Hotmail: What The Hell Happened to You?

It seems like yesterday when you were kicking ass, increasing your storage size and showing up on business cards. You asked for user feedback, you pioneered folder-based mail organization, you were the gold standard for free email. But somewhere along the line you stumbled. You got sloppy or you just gave up, and we drifted apart.


5 Reasons It's Still Not Cool to Admit You're a Gamer

Seriously, gamers, stop being such jackasses.


5 Terrifying Ways Your Own Gadgets Can Be Used to Spy On You

All that paranoia you harbor about being spied on? Turns out it's totally justified!


5 Guilty Pleasures The Web Killed While You Weren't Looking

There are things we miss about the world before the World Wide Web. Mainly the guilty pleasures that a less connected world used to let us get away with.


5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Google

You knew Google would eventually show up on Cracked's 'We Don't Give a Damn' hit list.


5 Insane File Sharing Panics from Before the Internet

Media piracy has been rampant throughout history... probably since the first guy to smear his feces on the wall in the shape of a buffalo turned around and immediately saw 50 more just like it being smeared on the walls behind him.


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Women (Like Me!) Make On The Internet

Wait, wait, wait. Women use the Internet!?


5 Reasons The Internet Could Die At Any Moment

You read that right. You better get your porn now before the whole operation crashes.


6 Sci-Fi Technologies You'll Soon Have On Your Cell Phone

In the future, your phone and your life will be one and the same. Don't drop it in the toilet, is what we're saying.