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Lazy Messaging Plus Bad Stats Equals Lazy, Bad Policy

Lies created with numbers are the worst kind.


C'mon, Mother Nature, A Little Help Over Here

We're not asking for a cure. We just need your help with one tiny fix and we can beat this thing ourselves.


The Only Logical Reaction To The News Is 'Arrgghhhh!'

What is even going on right now?


Refusing A Mask Doesn't Equal Sainthood Or Bravery

The same VP who doesn't think condoms work doesn't seem to believe in facial coverings either.


Tom DeLonge Was Right About UFOs, And Harry Reid Says There's More

It's hard to get the government to admit anything these days, but here we are.


Georgia Puts Its Own Laws Behind A Paywall, Supreme Court Says Shut Up

Freedom isn't free, but in Georgia neither are the laws.


George Is Buckling Down On 'The Winds Of Winter'

George R.R. Martin might finally have the impetus to finish his damn book.


5 Cities Around The World Dealing With Surprising Problems

And you thought Portland was weird.


Kim Jong-un Is Definitely Not Dead, So ... Who Will Take Over?

Who will be North Korea's Next Top Tyrant?


Why We Need To Hear Both Sides Of 'The Bleach Debate'

'The New York Times' makes us consider if there are experts out there who think drinking bleach is ok.


This Yelling Man Is Pure Catharsis

This guy does an epic rant like no other.


Boston Runner Completes A Marathon And Ends Up With A Typo

Boston Strog -- a rallying cry for anyone missing big events they'd had planned during all this.


Reasons The Cruise Business Should Go To The Bottom

When vacations come back, do anything else!


'Liberate' Protestors Are The Dumbest Thing That Could Have Happened Right Now

No needs to listen to this tiny group of morons trying to get you sick.


We'd Be Better Off With Dr. Pepper Than These 'Doctors'

Celebrity doctors are more dangerous now than ever, which makes us wonder, did we ever need them in the first place?