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5 Hilarious Ways Drones Are Doing Good (Seriously)

See? Sometimes drones can be good.


Costco Food Courts Go Behind A Paywall March 16th: So Long Cheap Hotdogs, Non-Members

There's a lot of great memories attached to the Costco food court, and that's all about to go behind a paywall.


IKEA Is Producing Weird Audio Porn Now

Slam your genitals in as many consenting drawers as you want, but don't pretend it's making them cleaner.


The 5 Most Garbage Democrats In Congress

Just look at these asses.


If Your Significant Other Needs A McDonald's Scented Candle, Now's The Time

To those about to beef: We salute you.


An Announcement From Jason 'David Wong' Pargin (He Does Not Die At The End)

It's important Cracked announcement time, folks.


Burger King Is Embracing Mold Now

There's more mold in this new Burger King commercial than your ex-boyfriend's shower.


Please, For The Love Of God, Don't Take Financial Advice From Jake Paul

Oh, God, please, we're begging you.


The Boy Scouts Of America Runs Out Of Pedophile Funds, Declares Bankruptcy

Always be prepared to lowball victims.


5 Monopolies That Hate The Average American

(Fixed rate) power to the people!


Real, Weirdo Video Games Starring The 2020 Presidential Candidates

Time to drop into gaming's deepest, lamest, weirdest corners.


Love Can Be Scary And Confusing ... Just Like A Valentine Clown

What is love if not playing cruel tricks on your beloved and laughing when they pee?


Daniel The Golden Retriever Deserved Better At Westminster

How can we have a 'best dog,' really?


'Birds Of Prey' Got A Title Change Because Moviegoers Are Apparently Idiots

Our collective attention spans couldn't make it past 'Fantabulous.'