14 Trivia Tidbits That Completely Deleted Our Brains

There is no such thing as the Chilean Sea Bass.
14 Trivia Tidbits That Completely Deleted Our Brains

A few weeks ago a friend told me about his new girlfriend's cat. The girl had gotten it from a shelter and named it Paws (which is a terrible name for a cat but whatever) after she realized how cute he was with those little paws on his big, scruffy body. Paws was very affectionate and friendly to her when they were dating, but as soon as she got engaged things changed. Now the cat was hostile toward him whenever she left the apartment.

"It started off like normal," said my friend. "Paws was just being difficult when we're out. He doesn't want to be around people at all." Then one night when they were together in their home Paws jumped into bed beside them and growled menacingly. Apparently, something had set him off. Something made him fly off into unholy feline rage. Turns out, it was an article my friend had been reading -- a list of fifteen facts that went ...

Lord of the Rings doesn’t even come close to passing the Bechdel Test.

In the entire Lord of the Rings film trilogy, no two female characters ever speak to each other. This is not counting one line between unnamed extras, one of which was an adolescent girl. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Film School Rejects 

Sony infringed on copyright to catch users doing the same.

In 2005, Sony illegally installed unremovable rootkits on 22 million computers to prevent the users from ripping copyrighted music. SON TRILUMINOS DISPLAY It also reported user's listening habits back to Sony. Ironically, the code itself contained open source software, and so infringed copyright. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


There may be a fourth domain of life that is just giant viruses.

Scientists theorize that giant viruses named Pandoraviruses point to the existence of a 4th domain of life. More than 93% of their genes resemble nothing known, and their origin cannot be traced back to any known cellular lineage. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Sci News

Lice on your head and in your pants are key in understanding human evolution.

Geneticists can see when humans lost their primate hair by the divergent evolution of pubic and head lice. DNA comparisons between the human head louse and pubic louse indicate a common ancestor about 12 million years ago. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Police officers in Norway must complete 3 years of higher education.

It takes 3 years of higher education to become a police officer in Norway. The training takes place at a university college and each graduate gets a bachelor's degree in Police Studies. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Man-Thing and Swamp Thing debuted within weeks of each other.

Marvel's Man-Thing and DC's Swamp Thing debuted within weeks of each other back in 1971. Man-Thing co-creator Gerry Conway and Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein were roommates at the time. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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A Garth Brooks song was too progressive for country radio.

Garth Brooks's 1993 song We Shall Be Freè was boycotted by some country radio stations. The boycott was because it included the line When we're free to love anyone we choose. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

Georgia Voice

There is no such thing as the Chilean Sea Bass.

Chilean Sea Bass is just a fancy name that was made up in 1977 to get Americans to eat the Patagonian Toothfish. The Chilean Sea Bass lunch that John Hammond's chef prepares for his guests in Jurassic Park is a subtle nod to his misunderstanding of nature. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


A type of moth looks and smells like bird crap.

The Macrocilix maia moth confuses predators with design patterns on its wings that mimic two flies eating bird poop. It even releases a pungent odor to drive home the deception. The poop design and smell just about completes our knowledge of this species. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


The idea to make Resident Evil more cool turned into Devil May Cry.

The original idea for Resident Evil 4 was supposed to be a cool and stylish It was canceled and eventually became what we now know as Devil May Cry. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW


Don’t joke about sniffing glue when you’re a pilot.

A Southwest Airlines pilot quoted the movie.ll Airplane! before crashing. Concerned about the weather, the pilot jokingly said I picked a bad day to stop sniffin' glue, shortly before his plane crashed. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

NY Times 

Eagles will save the easy to catch food for when their babies start hunting.

The Harpy Eagle parents prey on harder to catch food further away from the nest. That way, when the child eagle finally begins to hunt on its own, an abundant amount of easy to catch prey like sloths are available close to the nest. CRACKED NOW YOU KNOW

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