14 Cat Facts To Make Your Brain Purr

Here's one for the cat people.
14 Cat Facts To Make Your Brain Purr

There's dog people and there's cat people. And then there's the weird person your cousin married who's a ferret person. Us? We're teacup pig people. Frankly the whole dog vs. cat dichotomy feels too constraining at this juncture.

The fact is, however, cats are fascinating creatures. Worshipped by the Egyptians and a pet of humans for thousands of years, these demure companions are interesting and mysterious.

For example, cats can't taste sweetness!

If you're a cat person, you may be the butt of a lot of lonely person jokes, but just know here are Cracked, we stand by you. Man's best friend may be the dog, but it's far more impressive to win over man's best frenemy, the cat. 

Here are 14 cat facts to make you feel pretty darn smug about your cat person status. So don't just laze about in the sun, whiskers all covered in cream licking your nether regions, follow the laser pointer on down to these wild cat facts.


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