15 Bits Of Good News That Really Fluffed Our Pillows

Take a look, it’s not in a book, it’s LeVar Burton winning a Lifetime Achievement Award.
15 Bits Of Good News That Really Fluffed Our Pillows

I had no idea what to expect, but I knew this day would be special. I was going to finally meet my grandfather, and I couldn't contain my excitement. My grandfather was a very old and very wise man—he had been born before the Great Depression—and so I had always assumed he must be a sorcerer or something. It turned out he was not, but was rather a retired accountant who had worked at one time in the tax office for a large corporation that was now defunct and whose name no one remembers. He spent his entire working career there, but had never married and lived alone with his cat in a tiny house on the outskirts of town. When my great-grandparents passed away he inherited their home, which I think is why the house is still standing after more than twenty years. 

Turns out that my grandfather kept a list of strange facts printed out, and he kept reading it over and over. The list went ...

A wildlife bridge in California will help cougars over a deadly freeway.

A bridge over a California freeway will help mountain lions escape an extinction vortex. CRACKED.COM The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing will provide cougars with safe passage to food and mates thanks to the contributions from more than 5,000 individuals, foundations, agencies and businesses.

LA Times

A cancer survivor and amputee set a new record for women’s running.

Jacky Hunt-Broersma, a cancer survivor and amputee, set a world record by running 102 marathons in 102 days. CRACKED.COM That's the most consecutive marathons run by any woman ever. Hunt-Broersma lost her leg to a rare form of cancer in 2001 and runs on a prosthetic, to prove anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


An emotional support pig saved his war veteran owner.

A war veteran was saved from a house fire in New Jersey by his emotional support pig. CRACKED.COM Hamilton the support pig was trained to open and close doors, so when his enclosure caught fire and Hammy ran out, he closed the door behind him, saving the rest of the house.

News 12

An Australian man shrugged off a bite from a deadly snake at a resort.

An Australian man bitten by a deadly brown snake called his brush with death a really cool experience. CRACKED.COM Edward McKinney was airlifted to an emergency department that had access to antivenom after a juvenile brown snake, the second most venomous in the world, bit him outside his resort hotel.


Free bus travel is now available to anyone under 22 in Scotland.

Anyone under 22 in Scotland will have access to free bus travel. Hedsle End 16F First Woolston P - Todo E с3.80 di 6A SOLENT TRAVELCARD BU Undergraduate Open Days Deter THE 32 SOL SE his ser - First 40784 CRACKED.COM More than 2.3million people will be able to travel for free on buses in Scotland, joining other groups with free transportation like children under 5 and the elderly.


The James Webb Telescope is up and running.

The James Webb Telescope is now fully aligned and ready to observe the universe. CRACKED.COM Webb will be able to peer inside the atmospheres of exoplanets and observe some of the first galaxies created after the universe began observing them through infrared light.


Leftover hotel soaps are being recycled and donated to the less fortunate.

Shawn Seiple started a non-profit to provide soap to those in need by recycling leftover hotel soaps. CRACKED.COM Every year, it has been estimated that the hospitality industry generates 440 billion pounds of solid waste, some of which is now being salvaged and turned into new soap bars to be donated to those who need it.

The Hustle

Jinx that cat will be Hell, Michigan's first feline mayor (for a day).

The new mayor of Hell, Michigan is a black cat known for having huge eyes and wonky feet. CRACKED.COM Jinx the cat, who has almost half a million Instagram followers, will be mayor of Hell for a day. Anyone can be mayor of Hell for a day (as long as they pick an available date), but this is the first time a cat will serve.


Google must allow a ‘reject all’ button for cookies in the EU.

Europe will now have a 'reject all cookies' button for Google thanks to fines from watchdog groups. CRACKED.COM Google is introducing new options to reject tracking cookies in Europe after its existing dialog boxes were found to be in violation of EU data laws.

The Verge

A British couple aboard a polar research vessel got married in Antartica.

A British couple have made history in the first ever same-sex wedding on British Antarctic Territory. CRACKED.COM Stephen Carpenter said he felt Antarctica was the perfect place to marry his partner of 20 years. Both Stephen and his partner, Eric Bourne, work aboard the polar research vessel the RRS Sir David Attenborough.


Take a look, it’s not in a book, it’s LaVar Burton winning a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Le' Var Burton will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the new children's Emmys. GRAGKED.COM Burton will be honored for his executive producer and hosting duties for 'Reading Rainbow.' The show aired for 23 years, and has won 12 Daytime Emmys and a Peabody Award.


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