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5 Celebrities Who Get Way More Hate Than They Deserve

I'll make a joke about anything if the situation calls for it. But sometimes, believe it or not, I'm only joking. That's as true for 'awful' celebrities as it is for anyone or anything else.


5 Terrifying Origin Stories Behind Popular Children's Songs

As nauseatingly wholesome as children's songs may seem, sometimes there are corpses buried under those mountains of spaghetti.


The 10 Most Ridiculous Album Cover Trends of All Time

With an industry full of people getting paid loads of money to make decisions that don't matter, people are going to play it safe. Which is where you get trends like these.


5 Sappy Songs That Deserve Heavy Metal Makeovers

Metalheads, please don't school me on what bands are actually Metal or what Metal is. For the purposes of this column, I'm using the term somewhat loosely to convey loud, guitar-based rock played with dark intensity.


5 Songs the Internet Thinks Are by the Wrong Artist

Although humans have been getting stuff wrong for centuries, in recent years the Internet has really facilitated these mistakes. Some putz uploads a song incorrectly to YouTube or Napsteresque sites and suddenly hordes of young newbs fill their minds with flawed data, perpetuating the error.


5 Insane Music Videos That Predate MTV

Back in the day, what with the lack of special effects technology and all, people had to resort to some pretty bizarre (but always entertaining) stuff to get the point of their music across to the camera.


6 Mind-Blowing Early Music Careers of Famous Musicians

Even if you love their music, often musicians are doing what they're doing only because they realized at some point in the past that making any money was going to require them to radically shift gears.


5 Famous Songs Everyone Thinks Are by the Wrong Artist

Some songs are more well-known than the artists who made them hits. And sometimes less-talented music-listeners wrongly attribute those songs to the wrong artists. That's the premise of this article. Songs that people think are sung by artists who never sung them.


6 Songs People Apparently Think Are by the Wrong Artist

Even though your musical knowledge may be impeccable (and mine most certainly is), I thought I'd list a bunch of well-known songs that you've probably wrongly attributed to other artists.


4 Music Videos on YouTube That Will Make You a Better Person

These are four music videos with important lessons for the modern YouTube user.


5 Upbeat Songs You Didn't Realize Are Depressing (Part 2)

'We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue/And then we'll take it higher.' And by higher, they apparently mean extraordinarily depressing.


The 4 Most Baffling Trends in Old-Timey Album Covers

The cover art on records from the 1950s and 60s is so confusing and removed from reality that it looks like it was created in an alternate dimension.


7 Famous Musicians Who Stole Some of Their Biggest Hits

♪ ♫ I wish I was specialllll / But I’m a THIEF ♪ ♫


The 5 Worst Attempts to Start a Catchphrase in Rap History

Plenty of rap-coined words and phrases catch on and make it all the way to mainstream vocabularies, sometimes seriously, (blunt, dope, chill, grill [meaning teeth] all have their origins in rap and all are more or less accepted by the majority of Americans), and sometimes ironically, (there was a period in the early 2000s when everyone added