Perfect Fluids Are Kind of A Banger, MIT's SoundCloud Shows

SoundCloud -- not just for Trump supporting, face-tattooed teen rappers.
Perfect Fluids Are Kind of A Banger, MIT's SoundCloud Shows

Move over, Lil Pump, there's a new SoundCloud superstar in town -- the prestigious private research university, Massachusets Institute of Technology. Last week, MC MIT found itself in the spotlight after its latest track, entitled "MIT physicists find this is the sound of a perfect fluid," went viral. With its super hype, fairly self-explanatory title, the song sounds almost like a pulsating slide whistle and is much like the work of other SoundCloud rappers, featuring a "perfect flow," that "should help scientists study the viscosity in neutron stars, the plasma of the early universe, and other strongly interacting fluids," according to the University's website

"This recording is a product of a glissando of sound waves that a team of MIT physicists sent through a carefully controlled gas of elementary particles known as fermions," reads the song's description. "The pitches that can be heard are the particular frequencies at which the gas resonates, like a plucked string. The way that sound travels through this fluid can be used to calculate the sound, and 'quantum friction,' in neutron stars and other perfect fluids." Who needs guitars when you have perfect fluids?

Since the prestigious University first dropped the track last week, the upload has gone viral, garnering 113,000 listens and 58 comments, many of  which complimented the sound, encouraging musicians to sample the clip. "don't even need headphones, this is a fuckin banger," wrote user megalologicalschlob. "yo this is fire," added user @evillootly. It's even become an EDM playlist staple, with several users adding the "song" to their EDM playlists, including "Top 50: Eletrônica" and "New & hot: Electronic." Because nothing says getting lit like some MIT-based bangers. 

So folks, remember, SoundCloud is no longer for Trump-supporting, face-tattooed teen rappers. Now, Pass me the aux cord, bro. This ish slaps. 

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Top Image: MIT Soundcloud.

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