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The 6 Worst Things That Can (And Did) Happen at a Funeral

Through no fault of their own, funerals are some of the lamest parties ever thrown. And like any lame party, someone is bound to make it 10 times more awkward.


6 Movie Plots Made Possible By Ridiculous Understaffing

Running a cloned-dinosaur facility? Naturally, you'll want to staff it with Newman and that dude from Edge of Darkness.


Clash of the Titans: Badass Metal Video, S#!t Movie

If you arm yourself with headphones and enough Iron Maiden to make your ears want to fight each other, you get the most epic metal video ever put on film. While I didn't have the foresight to bring my own soundtrack canceling apparatus, in hindsight 'Clash of the Titans' almost makes more sense viewed as a collection of moving metal-album co


6 Horrifying Implications of Awesome Fantasy Movie Universes

Fictional worlds look like fun for two hours at a time, but with a little thought you see why living there would make you want to drink yourself into a stupor.


'The Skulls': A 10 Year Old Movie That's Already Baffling

YEAR 2000 TRADEMARKS: -Concerns elderly rich perverts in robes (see: Eyes Wide Shut, The Ninth Gate) -Disc sold as "Collector's Edition" -Stars of two WB dramas (Popular and Dawson's Creek) -Spawned numerous straight-to-DVD sequels (see: Bring it On, Wild Things, American Pie)


The 5 Miserable VFX Jobs That Make Movies Possible

Several steps down the ladder from the guys who get all of the (very little) glory, you have an army of peons whose job descriptions seem to have been created as part of some cruel psychological experiment.


The 6 Most Baffling Things Every TV Ad Assumes Are True

Apparently only women eat yogurt and every bodily excriment is blue. Thanks, advertisers!


When Superman Is Bored [COMIC]

What Superman gets up to on a particularly boring day.


The 5 Most Pointless Ways Big Budget Movies Blew Millions

Movie budgets have gotten so large that it's almost impossible to imagine just what it is they're spending these hundreds of millions on. Well, as with most Hollywood stories, the reality seems more unrealistic than even the worst special effect.


6 Movie Monsters That Just Wouldn't Work

When a creature flick comes along that is so preposterously ridiculous, so patently absurd, so monstrously unscientific that the creature in question could never even exist, well, we have no choice but to scream


The Deleted Final Scene from 'Cast Away' [COMIC]

The island changes a man.


5 Reasons The Oscars Matter Even Less Than You Thought

The Academy Awards are like Hollywood's Super Bowl (what with the betting pools, the bean dip, the coma-inducing length) but with one important difference: Super Bowl rings are actually awarded on merit.


6 Famous Movie Wise Men Who Were Totally Full of Shit

All those ancient words of wisdom? Yeah, thrown in on the screenplay's third draft, at four in the morning, after half a pound of cocaine.


5 Movies That Were One Flaw Away From Being Classics

Today we're going to fix some of cinema's most notable films, blockbusters, satires, even erotic thrillers -- all with the careful application of one simple choice.


7 Actors Typecast in Bizarrely Specific Roles

Some actors unwittingly take the same role they've played previously. Whether it be a lack of range or a casaulity loop, the similarities are uncanny.