15 Trivia Tidbits About ‘Ted Lasso’

Impress your friends with your knowledge of fake football
15 Trivia Tidbits About ‘Ted Lasso’

Good news for fans of wholesome comedy and disparaging comments about tea: This week, were finally getting another season of Ted Lasso, aka King Ralph, But Soccer. To celebrate everyones favorite mustachioed football coach, weve assembled a roster of scrappy underdog pieces of trivia that will no doubt win over your heart, such as…

The Show Was Based on a Series of NBC Sports Commercials

Ted Lasso famously began as a series of commercials for NBC Sports in 2013, featuring Jason Sudeikis as an American coach hired by Tottenham, but who still fails to grasp the intricacies of the game. Brendan Hunts Coach Beard was still part of the story back then, although the proto-Ted we see is a tad more yelly than the version we eventually got on the show.

Brett Goldstein Risked His Writing Gig to Audition for Roy Kent

Goldstein, who has won an Emmy for playing Roy Kent, was originally just a lowly writer. But while helping to create the first season, he felt a "kinship" with the Roy character and randomly self-taped an audition, then emailed it to the production team — which wasn't without risk. If I hadn’t got the part, Goldstein said, I don’t think I’d be writing on Season Two ’cause none of us would be able to look each other in the eye!

Nick Mohammed and Phil Dunster Auditioned to Play Higgins

Both Mohammed, who plays Nate, and Dunster, who plays hothead himbo Jamie Tartt, originally auditioned to play Higgins, the mild-mannered Director of Communications for AFC Richmond.

Ted‘s Cookies Tasted Like Ass in Real Life

According to Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca, Ted’s delicious daily biscuits were much less appetizing in reality. They were actually chunky shortbreads that sucked all of the saliva out of my face when I was trying to act and talk at the same time, she said, adding, I wish they were actual biscuits.

Trent Crimm, the Independent, Was Nominated for an Emmy

One of the most memorable supporting characters was Crimm, who was from *checks notes* The Independent. Crimm was played by actor James Lance who was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy, presumably because the Emmys don’t have an Outstanding Hair by a Fictional Journalist category.

You Can Spend the Night in Ted’s Local Pub

Teds local pub, The Crown & Anchor (in reality, The Princes Head), is now taking bookings on Airbnb for Ted Lasso fans who want to spend the night in a recognizable filming location but dont want to risk breaking into a soccer stadium with a sleeping bag.

Roy Kent Inspired the Internet’s Dumbest Conspiracy Theory

Some corners of the internet briefly believed that Kent was played, not by a flesh-and-blood actor, but rather by an elaborate CGI creation presumably created for a more rugged remake of The Polar Express. Goldstein addressed the controversy in the most appropriate way possible. 

Fans Can Play as AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

Likely not helping the Roy Kent is CGI mania, EA Sports made a CGI Roy Kent as part of FIFA 23, which allows you to play as AFC Richmond, which may or may not involve killing digital canine mascots.

A Reporter Interviewed the Cast By Accident at the FA Cup

An ITV reporter interviewed a group of soccer fans outside the 2021 FA Cup, not recognizing them as cast members of Ted Lasso. The actors passed themselves off as genuine footballers and even sang the Dani Rojas song.

There’s a Ted Lasso Build-a-Bear

Satiating the demands of every child who craves cuddly animal playthings that cost $85 and resemble human stars of AppleTV+ shows, theres now a Ted Lasso Build-a-Bear. Why kids are building bears with crippling anxiety issues and marital problems in addition to stuffing and felt is anyones guess.

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