Here’s Every Sitcom Apartment on Airbnb That You Can Stay At

Here’s Every Sitcom Apartment on Airbnb That You Can Stay At

Here in the age of prestige television, sitcoms get a bad rap, but when it comes to real-estate fantasy, there’s no comparison. Nobody’s lusting after the layout of even the most depraved TV billionaire’s mansion because it’s so obviously unattainable. Of course that guy has a nice house — his housekeeper’s duster is full of cocaine. But the sitcom multiverse is a world where waitresses and intermittently employed actors can afford massive New York City apartments without a trust fund or a sugar daddy. It’s a magical land where downsizers just leave their custom leather furniture out on the curb and the Dollar Stores are overflowing with Turkish cotton towels. Who wouldn’t want to live there, even just for a few days?

Unfortunately, you mostly can’t. Most sitcoms are filmed on studio soundstages, and Warner Bros. security gets really grumpy when you try to sneak in, a pillow under your arm and pockets stuffed with toiletries, to hunker down for the night (and they are not amenable to being challenged to a trivia-off). In fact, the interiors of sitcom apartments and houses, and sometimes the whole enchilada, are often thousands of miles from where they’re set. Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment? It’s in Los Angeles. Nothing is sacred. And no, you can’t stay there, either, unless you bribe one of the residents.

If you wanna make your TV dreams a reality, you’re gonna have to make some concessions, and we’re not talking about the casting couch. For one thing, you’re unlikely to find any on-screen New York real estate porn in New York, or even L.A. But if you’re willing to venture to, say, Cincinnati, Ohio or Branson, Missouri, you can stay in a painstaking recreation of among the most coveted TV apartments: the one from Friends.

The Cincinnati version is part of a whole complex of sitcom-themed apartments, including recreations of the Seinfeld, Golden Girls and Schitt’s Creek sets. Those last few might seem like odd choices — you could have a more authentic experience simply befriending some Miami seniors or throwing a dart at a map of rural Ontario and driving there. In fact, the Rosebud Motel is totally real, but again, the interiors were filmed on a Toronto soundstage.

It’s probably for the best because the whole point was that the motel was a hilariously Schitty place to stay, but the owner of Sitcom Suites has “hidden some really fun” Easter eggs, so maybe look around for some pills Moira might have dropped. Strangely, both the Missouri and Cincinnati properties are owned by women named Brenda, which is the most sitcommy name. If you’re looking to kick it a little older-school, there’s a Saved By the Bell Airbnb in Dallas, complete with diner booths straight out of The Max and Solo cup squiggles everywhere.

If you demand nothing less than complete authenticity, you have a few options, but you’d better have a lot more luck. In 2016, the Full House house went up for rent on Craigslist, but don’t set a Google alert just yet. Regardless of its primetime pedigree, it’s a huge house in San Francisco, so you can’t afford it. However, creator Jeff Franklin bought the house later that year and plans to Airbnb it eventually, so keep your eyes peeled. In 2020, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion went up on Airbnb, but only for an extremely limited time. It was shockingly affordable, too — at only $30 a night in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary. 

Here’s hoping they do it again, but if not, expect to be thrown out Jazzy Jeff-style, which, let’s face it, is probably a bucket list item on its own.

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