Comedy Party Animals, Ranked

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Comedy Party Animals, Ranked

Sure, everybody likes to occasionally let their hair down and party like its the end of the world. However, one needs to meet certain criteria to be considered a true party animal. For starters, scrap the occasional part because that's for responsible people — for people who havent been featured in a Waffle House compilation video on WorldStar. A true party animal will not be discouraged by minor setbacks like projectile vomiting or a possible concussion. Im talking about party animals like…

Rita in Bridesmaids

When we first meet Rita (played by the very underrated Wendi McLendon-Covey), she seems like a low-key snobbish soccer mom who gets a daily manicure and probably has a personal shopper. In under a minute, however, she reveals herself to be a straight-talking, exhausted mother of gross tween boys who fantasizes about cutting loose, having a good time and doing a lot of nose candy with her friends. When the girls decide to take bride-to-be Lillian to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party (much to Ritas insistence), our burnt-out mom doesnt even wait to get off the plane. She simply proceeds to get herself and Ellie Kempers Becca wildly drunk while flying high because a party animal isnt picky about the venue.

Billy Madison in Billy Madison

Rich slacker party boy Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) didn’t let going back to school stop him from throwing some ragers, even if they were of the age-appropriate variety. In fact, he deserves bonus points for being able to tweak his parties to fit each grade via jumping castles, rock bands and Rolexes as party gifts.

Tatiana in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Yes, we know, both Mike and Dave are wild party animals in their own right, but Tatiana (Audrey Plaza) literally let a car run her over to get her and her bestie (Anna Kendricks Alice) the coveted wedding dates to go party in Hawaii. That really is a level of party commitment like no other.

Gary King in The World’s End

Sure, Gary King's (Simon Pegg) reasons for drinking are kind of sad, but he is the king when it comes to party time. As the leader of the pack, he holds his drink, but not his tongue, as Gary marches his old school pals from one pub to another, defiant in his quest to finally finish “The Golden Mile.” God help anyone who tries to stop him. It’s pointless.

Monkey in Grandma’s Boy

Truly, what even is a stoner comedy without a weed-smoking monkey (who is technically an ape) going ballistic? He’s just one of the party boys.

Amy in Trainwreck

Based on Amy Schumer’s personal story, Trainwreck is the comedy that sees her character, Amy, chug it like the best of them. Amy is the kind of woman who juices up a cinema experience with her own stash of boxed wine. Amy is the kind of woman who would rather spike her own cocktail and have it for breakfast than commit to a man. Of course, it eventually takes a guy like Bill Hader to get her on the right track (sorta), but we look forward to the eventual 2043 sequel, Trainwreck: Amy Parties Grandma-Style.

Leslie Chow in The Hangover Series

While the main boys in this movie are all strong contenders for the crown of apex party animal, that honor goes to Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong). He’s already unhinged as a character, and when the party gets going, he turns into Mega Chow, living on the edge one maniacal laugh at a time. The dude doesn’t quit until his body does.

Dina in Girls Trip

You do not tell Dina (Tiffany Haddish) from Girls Trip how much absinthe she should drink. You also do not tell Dina how much absinthe her friends should drink once she puts it in their cocktails. Dina is impulsive, Dina is the life of the party, Dina has some creative uses for grapefruits and Dina will cut a guy for cheating on one of her girlfriends.

Bluto Blutarsky in Animal House

In a role that one could argue bordered on method acting, Animal House saw the late John Belushi play party animal/future President John “Bluto” Blutarsky, who loses his shit when authorities confiscate their frat house bar, downs a bottle of Jack Daniels like it’s nothing and smashes cars like guitars because he feels like it. Bluto makes wild entrances, creates a scene wherever he goes and would rather play horse-killing pranks than take a goddamn shower. Bluto doesn’t give two shits. At least he doesn’t subscribe to a liquid-only diet.

Frank the Tank in Old School

This guy would rather do beer bongs with kids half his age than go to Bed Bath & Beyond. This guy would rather show everyone his nuts than listen to Snoop Dogg. This guy wants to party so badly that he ends up divorced. Old School's Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) will rock a party hard and make absolutely everyone uncomfortable while doing it. He should at least get his chest waxed though.

Gigi in Booksmart

While best friends Amy (Kaitlyn Dever) and Molly (Beanie Feldstein) try to become party animals before they graduate high school, rich girl Gigi (Billie Lourd) has already mastered the art. Gigi does more drugs than a rock star on a bad day. Gigi will jump off a yacht high as a kite and be at the next party before you, all dried out. Gigi will have the wildest night and still play the piano like a psychopath the next morning. Gigi lives to party, and she’s convinced herself that everyone else does, too.

Flasher Gremlin in Gremlins

Warner Bros.

One look at this literal party monster, and you know you’ll just never keep up. Sure, all these gremlins can have themselves a good time, but Flasher does it dangerously. Flasher will party all night, eat cigarettes for breakfast and destroy every kitchen in the neighborhood while flushing everyone’s liquor down his throat. And you just know there’ll be a neon light somewhere, somehow, because that’s a party. The only one on this list who is naturally green and not because they're about to vomit — an absolute party king.


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