Before they were pushing paper these stars randomly popped up in television shows. Before you get your big break, you need several smaller big breaks that you will one day realize were not your big break. It's no different for the cast of the megahit The Office. Here are 15 Office cast members popping up in some surprising places.

John Krasinski

John Krasinski law & Order

Wolf Films

John Krasinski played one feisty basketball player in the season three episode “Mad Hops” of Law and Order Criminal Intent. Don’t mess with Krasinski when his milky white body is in a jersey!

Leslie David Baker

Leslie David Baker Scrubs


Leslie David Baker pops up everywhere in early 2000s sitcoms. He was on an episode of Scrubs as a surgery patient, a cop on Malcolm In The Middle, and a janitor on That 70s Show. Would it surprise you to learn he usually plays a grumpy guy?

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones Freaks and Geeks

Apatow Productions

Rashida Jones played the scary bully Karen Scarfolli in the episode “Kim Kelly Is My Friend” on Freaks and Geeks. No wonder she came to The Office as Paul Feig was involved heavily with both shows. 

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Top Image: Dreamworks


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