13 Major Actors We Had No Idea Got Rejected By Saturday Night Live

13 Major Actors We Had No Idea Got Rejected By Saturday Night Live

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Apparently, SNL has a gigantic pile of rejections, and we've waded into it to bring you 13 particular juicy ones. Enjoy:

Lisa Kudrow

COMEDY NERD Lisa Kudrow and Kathy Griffin both got passed over, at the same time, for jobs at SNL. Lisa Kudrow thought, Maybe you're one of those people for whom good things don't happen, and she says Kathy Griffin may have been crying afterward. CRACKED.COM


Steve Carell

COMEDY NERD Steve Carell auditioned for SNL in 1995, and so did his wife at the time. ON .M She got it, but he didn't - which must have made things incredibly awkward. CRACKED.COM


Louis CK

COMEDY NERD Years ago, Louis CK auditioned for SNL, but didn't get the job in the end. 10 Just to rub salt into the wound, he auditioned at a comedy club with a bunch of other comedians, and they all got it. CRACKED.COM


Jim Carrey

COMEDY NERD Jim Carrey auditioned for SNL all the way back in 1980 ... but failed. His tape never even reached Lorne Michaels, because a staffer didn't think Carrey would be a good fit. CRACKED.COM


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