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6 Classic Kids Shows Secretly Set in Nightmarish Universes

Being a cartoon isn't an easy gig.


If The Hero's Timing Had Been Slightly Off

They say timing is everything in comedy, which is a subtle way for actors to insult comedy writers. But timing truly is everything when you're nailing a leap from one roof to another during a dramatic footrace with the kidnappers who have your daughter.


The 8 Strangest TV Show Ideas Ever Made

FYI: Every show that was intentionally strange isn't included. This should save you the trouble of typing your favorite silly cartoons in the comments section.


6 Classic Kids Shows Slapped Together From Recycled Material

A lot of these shows weren't so much 'made' as 'shoddily slapped together from some older bullshit (usually from Japan).'


20 R-Rated Versions of Classic Disney Movies

If they were less underhanded about putting terrifying stuff into their movies.


12 People Of Today As Remembered in Future Biopics

Biopics for Ray Charles and Johnny Cash seemed to pop up the week after they died. And why not? Both of the guys who played them got nominated for Oscars. We asked you to show us how the lives of modern public figures will be used to try to win Oscars years from now.


5 Classic Movies That Were Made Possible By Insane Schemes

For the aspiring filmmakers who don't happen to have wealthy friends or connections at a studio, securing funding is by far the biggest obstacle between them and the fulfillment of their vision. Sometimes that means getting creative. Horribly, horribly creative.


The Pitch Meeting Behind The Worst Movie Idea Ever Approved



20 Instructional Signs That Must Exist in Movie Universes

We never see action heroes watching other action movies, but they all seem to agree that there are certain completely non-intuitive ways to behave around an explosion. We asked you to show us the instructional signs that must be posted just off screen in some of our favorite movies.


7 Classic Movies You Didn't Know Were Rip-Offs

How would you like it if we said we invented anorexia and scientifically impossible explosions, huh Hollywood?


5 Things 'Pawn Stars' Doesn't Tell You About Auction Hunting

A variety of men, ranging from unattractive all the way up to unappealing, visit storage facilities that are holding forfeited property auctions. There, they bid on lots of goods, hoping they'll stumble upon something incredibly valuable, like antiques, or a hat made of hundred dollar bills, or the most valuable thing of all: imagination.


How Fictional Characters Are Being Affected by the Economy

The economic downturn is causing belt-tightening across industry, tax bracket and superhero abilities. We asked you to show us some of the difficult decisions our favorite fictional characters are having to make as they deal with lower budgets for the first time in their lives.


Presenting The Most WTF Trailer Ever: 'John Dies at the End'

WARNING: The following contains numerous monsters and implied male nudity. Also may contain implied gore and implied flamethrower and implied interdimensional travel and the evil prison guard from The Shawshank Redemption and award-winning actor Paul Giamatti.