22 of the Most Satisfying Revenge Films Ever Made

22 of the Most Satisfying Revenge Films Ever Made

Everyone loves a good revenge flick. When John Wick is mowing down mofos or Hugh Glass is making out with a bear (we weren’t really paying much attention), it feels like we’re the ones mowing down mofos or making out with a bear, except the bear is Greg from accounts payable. We have extremely mixed feelings about him.

Apparently, Redditor Objective-Thing-283 has some Gregs in their life, too, because they have a lot to say about revenge films. Their favorite is Dead Man’s Shoes, they explained, because of how small it is and Paddy Considine tossing off “one of the greatest threats in cinema.” They also brought up In the Fade, Blue Ruin and Bull, concluding that “I suppose I’m more attracted to stories of the common man vigilante.” After asking r/Movies, “What’s your favorite revenge/vengeance film?” they got plenty more of those, as well as common women vigilantes, common cowboy vigilantes, and of course, common rock star in goth makeup vigilantes.

The First Wives Club

Get Carter

Law Abiding Citizen

I Spit on Your Grave

Gone Girl

The Northman

I Saw the Devil

Old Boy

Once Upon a Time in the West

Promising Young Woman

Harry Brown

Blue Ruin

The Punisher

Death Sentence


Nocturnal Animals


The Mask of Zorro

The Horseman

Pale Rider

The Crow

Princess Bride

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