31 Huge Lies You Believe Thanks to Movies and TV Shows

31 Huge Lies You Believe Thanks to Movies and TV Shows

Realism always takes a back seat to a good story. And so, if movies and TV were real, love would always conquer mental illness. Stealth planes would live up to their name. And cops would actually investigate crime scenes. Here are some of the lies that the entertainment industry has taught the general public, either indirectly due to plot convenience or just because it would hurt their stories if the truth was applied…

Getting a perp to confess doesn't mean they did it. Police interrogators are trained in techniques based on outdated science, which often result in false confessions. Some people confess to things they didn't do as a way to get out of the interrogation, thinking they'll be proven innocent later on. CRACKED.COM


Love will not cure your mental illness. Yes, having love in your life has a positive effect and helps you cope with your illness better - but it's still an illness, and needs to be treated. You can't just love it away any more than you can love away infectious mono. CRACKED.COM


DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY ISN'T A LICENSE TO COMMIT CRIMES. The country where you're diplomatic-ing can't detain or prosecute you, but you can be expelled- and your home country can prosecute you (or choose to lift your immunity).. And if you're caught committing a serious crime, police are perfectly empowered to arrest your diplomatic butt. CRACKED.COM


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