31 Huge Lies You Believe Thanks To Movies And TV Shows

31 Huge Lies You Believe Thanks To Movies And TV Shows

Television and movies are incredibly entertaining. It creates some great drama and humor for everyone to consume to help pass the time and decompress after a long day. A great film or a solid TV show can do a lot for all of us. However, they aren’t great learning tools.

As you already know on the surface, TV/movie-life and real-life are two entirely different things. Writers, directors, and other people in the entertainment industry create scenarios and stakes within certain occupations in order to instill as much drama into it as possible or just so the character looks good. Realism always takes a back seat to a good story.

If movies and TV were real, love would always conquer mental illness. Stealth planes would live up to their name. Cops would actually investigate crime scenes.

Here are some of the lies that the entertainment industry taught the general public, either indirectly due to plot convenience or just because it would hurt their stories if the truth was applied.

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