15 Movies That Made People Physically Ill

Walking out of a movie is a lot better than being wheeled out on a stretcher
15 Movies That Made People Physically Ill

The most enjoyable thing about going to see a horror movie in the theater is that split-second between everyone screaming and everyone laughing — that brief period of insanity where your body is still terrified but your brain is moving on to being amused by how scared you just were. It’s awesome, weirdly exhausting and doesn’t quite work the same way at home.

Something that also sometimes happens when watching horror movies that isn’t particularly enjoyable? Puking your fucking guts up in fright and disgust. But it happens, and arguably becomes enjoyable in hindsight — good for you, you really committed to the role of “frightened theatergoer.” 

People have been fainting, crying, having panic attacks and voiding themselves at movies for most of the history of cinema — shrewd marketers take these tales and run with them, so you get to the ridiculous situation of people saying, “I heard this movie is guaranteed to make you shit yourself, we should totally go and see it.”

Irreversible (2002)

CRACKED Don't watch Irreversible, it's horrible. It features a brutal nine-minute unbroken shot of a sexual assault that is among the most distressing things ever filmed. At its Cannes screening, 20 people required oxygen.


The Perfection (2019)

CRACKED ++ Netflix didn't necessarily make it clear to people when pushing its movie The Perfection that, perhaps unexpectedly for a film about dueling musicians, it featured maggots being vomited up. Many home cinema enthusiasts karaoke-ed it, vomiting along.


Terrifier 2 (2022)

CRACKED Scary-clown sequel Terrifier 2 features a scene where acid melts off a woman's face. It's one of the grossest things ever. Multiple people puked at screenings, to the point that it was almost disappointing if you went and didn't smell barf.


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