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If Hunger Games Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Percent Honest

Every so often, The Editing Room swings by to give us abridged versions of popular movies. And we're all better people for it.


4 Beloved Fictional Characters Who Slaughter Their Own Kind

Of all the lessons we can take from the cinematic fable 'Blade II', the most important one comes when Blade's friend, Scud betrays humanity for the chance to be a pet instead of livestock under the rule of vampires.


7 Artists Who Secretly Made Your Favorite Movies

If you've ever bothered to stick around through the scroll, you may have realized that some of the same names keep popping up in all your favorite movies, and they aren't next to jobs like 'director' or 'Indiana Jones.' In fact, you've probably been a diehard fan of the following seven people your entire life without ever realizing it.


9 Supposed Action Stars Who Clearly Couldn't Fight

Not everyone has karate skills that translate to film. If they did, then everyone would be Jean-Claude Van Damme. And now that I've given Jean-Claude Van Damme the plot for his next movie, let's talk about some of his colleagues.


6 Common Movie Arguments That Are Always Wrong

As everyone knows, the best part about sharing opinions is the chance to smugly tell other people that their opinions are wrong. Almost every heated movie discussion has someone pulling out one of these stupid, nonsensical lines.


5 Iconic Pop Culture Moments Improvised at the Last Second

It turns out that some movies and shows that became enduring classics were dangerously close to being terrible, and we probably wouldn't be talking about them today if a few folks hadn't switched gears on the fly.


7 Ridiculously Outdated Assumptions Every Movie Makes

No teenager still owns a stack of skin magazines, unless that teenager insists on living an ironic 1985-lifestyle.


4 Problems With Living in the 'Game of Thrones' Universe

Here is the account of one man's brief time spent in the 'Game of Thrones' universe, and all that he learned while there.


The Michael Bay Reboot of Ninja Turtles: Explained

A look behind the scenes of the creative process that gave us the most irresponsible reboot currently in production ...


5 Reasons 'The Hunger Games' Is Creepier Than You Think

Although I take no pleasure in being the last bastion of morality in the world, as Cracked's only licensed killjoy, someone has to explain why we should not be enjoying these films and books so much.


The 7 Biggest Dick Moves in the History of Superheroes

Old-time comics may be less violent and explicit than current ones, but that doesn't mean the heroes weren't sometimes colossal dicks while they saved the universe. If you don't believe us, let us tell you all about it.


3 Things I Learned Going Undercover in a Middle School

Thanks to several laws I'd broken, I had found out where my cyber-bully attended school, and with the help of an underfunded administration in desperate need of two cartons of Marlboros, I was able to enroll myself in the 7th grade of Alan Thicke Middle School.


An Apology to the Town That I Turned into 'The Hunger Games'

Dear Fine People of Hazleton Township, Pennsylvania, It is from the bottom of my heart and at the request of the West Hazleton Superior Court that I apologize to you all for what transpired last Saturday at the Hazleton Youth Center.


6 Unlikely Friendships in Movies (That Make No Damn Sense)

Often the weirdest partnerships are the ones the movies don't seem to think are wacky at all. These are the cohorts and conspirators that, in real life, would have no reason to trust each other with a lunch order, let alone their lives.


5 Reasons 'The Walking Dead' Has to Get Better

This should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I'm going to spoil everything in every sense of the term, for everybody. I'm going to spoil the TV show, I'm going to spoil the books and I'm probably going to spoil your overall sunny outlook on life.