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Real Trials With Mind-Bending Twists

Every now and then, our normally mundane courtrooms will explode with Hollywood spectacle, resulting in real-world cases that seem more like the plot of a John Grisham movie.


If Every Hero Got The "Avengers" Treatment

FYI, Hollywood, we trademarked all of these. Feel free to send us all of the money.


5 Tiny Things That Make Movie Sequels and Remakes Way Better

How do we fix Hollywood? As an Associate of Science who majored in film studies before spending a decade bitterly watching and criticizing the work of others, I've decided to take on the task.


6 Insulting Movie Adaptations of Strong Female Characters

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4 Opinions So Popular You Don't Realize They're Stereotypes

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5 Reasons the '60s Batman TV Show Is Better Than You Think

Viewing more than just two-minute videos of Batman dancing on YouTube will lead you to discover that the '60s 'Batman' is savagely awesome, with a lot of facets that are commonly ignored.


5 Remakes of Famous Movies That Would Actually Be Awesome

The following book-to-film translations have a legitimate shot at superseding mediocre-at-best first performances by learning from the mistakes of their past.


5 Video Game Adaptations That Missed the Point of the Movie

It's one thing to add video game elements to your movie -- it's quite another to stray so far from the film that you miss its reason for existing entirely.


5 Horrifying Ways Cartoons Tried to Cover Important Issues

Each and every one of these episodes means well (we assume), but the results range from merely misguided to downright traumatic.