21 of the Most Useless Sex Scenes in Movie History

We didn’t need that scene in ‘Inglourious Basterds’
21 of the Most Useless Sex Scenes in Movie History

People like to make fun of kids these days for opposing sex in movies, but what that aging Gen-Xer you follow on Twitter fails to consider is that when he was growing up, he was watching Bound. If kids these days had a Bound, they might feel differently, but what they have are superheroes too dehydrated to maintain an erection. Can you blame Gen Z for not wanting to see them flop uselessly against each other?

To be fair, a lot of older movies have some pretty pointless sex scenes, too. In fact, some classics of the 1980s and 1990s only made back their budget on the strength of some cleavage on the poster. That’s why, when Redditor sarthhcasm asked r/AskReddit, “What movie has the most useless sex scenes?” Reddit didn’t have to think hard to come up with scenes that served no purpose other than to try (and fail) to get them hard.


8 Mile


Top Gun

Wonder Woman




Enemy at the Gates

Monster’s Ball

Blue is the Warmest Color


Friday the 13th



Inglourious Basterds

Body of Evidence

A History of Violence


The Matrix Reloaded

The Lion King

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