Deleted scenes often have a reason to be excised from the films they’re a part of, but sometimes this leaves funny, memorable, or even necessary scenes on the cutting room floor. Sometimes though, the cutting room floor is just like a serial killer's backyard -- littered with boobies, butts, and ding-dongs. (One of you out there is laughing right now going, “Ha, it's true, my backyard is littered with the refuse of bodies from the lives I’ve destroyed,” and we just wanna say, “thanks.”) 

Here are some deleted scenes from a bunch of your favorite movies, that cut the reason everyone between 12 and 15 would even watch these movies — for all the glorious, icky, squishy sexy nudey sex sex scenes. If you compiled the list below into a movie, it would be the world's most disjointed but absolutely sexiest film — a real Film 69, if you catch our drift. Without any further ado, come on down and see the peepshow.

Breaking Dawn

Deleted Sex Scenes Breaking Dawn The Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart sex scene was cut down due to too much steaminess. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb


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