24 Movies That Surprised Even the Most Cynical Viewers

‘Parasite’ really shook things up
24 Movies That Surprised Even the Most Cynical Viewers

There’s only so many ways to write a movie, and Charlie Kaufman has tried 90 percent of them. Watch enough movies, and you’ll start predicting characters’ deaths and betrayals 10 minutes before they happen and even that they’ll happen in 10 minutes. You’ll also stop getting invited to movie nights at your friends’ houses, but such is the price of expertise.

One of those experts is, or at least was, Redditor --final--, who recently told r/Movies, “I used to watch a lot of movies and slowly develop a sense for where a movie was going and how the story was going to turn and twist to get there.” They’ve gotten too busy to really keep up with all the impossible missions and such, “but for those of you who watch a lot of films,” they wanted to know, “when was the last time a movie took you by surprise? Like there was a big twist or a sudden genre change or maybe the main character was killed early in the movie… something that you just didn’t see coming?” It turns out some were today years old, while others responded, “Plot twist? Haven’t heard that name in years.”


The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

Edge of Tomorrow


Jojo Rabbit

The Prestige


The Menu

Promising Young Woman

The Departed


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Triangle of Sadness

The Suicide Squad

A Man Called Otto

The Cabin in the Woods


Sorry to Bother You

The Hunt



Everything Everywhere All At Once



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