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5 Modern Stories That Are Way More Religious Than You Think

Turns out there are some stories out their that slipped their religious subtexts under the radar so well you didn't realize it.


6 Scientific Reasons Famous Superheroes' Lives Would Suck

There are some super powers that aren't as great as they might seem, and would actually make your life exponentially worse, if not flat-out kill you before you apprehended a single bank robber.


The Dark Secret You Didn't Want To Know About Pokemon

Professor Oak, or whatever equivalent the game offers, is a con artist, tricking you into doing the dirty work so his spritely, pixelated hands can stay pristine.


Super-Embarrassing Superhero Costume Updates

These awful things make the Joel Schumacher bat nipples look straight-up 2 legit 2 quit. Word.


21 Sequels That Clearly Didn't See The Original Movie

Who needs sequels to make sense when millions of dollars are at stake?


Basic Things That Every Disaster Movie Gets Wrong

In most cases, the actual disasters would look even more awesome than what the movies are showing us. Provided you're not one of the casualties.


9 Incredibly Dumb Early Versions Of Iconic Characters

Inspiration works in strange ways. Sometimes, our favorite characters look exactly right the first time their creators debut them, but other times ... not so much.


Why The 7 Dwarfs Were Slaves Of Scrooge McDuck

Behind all the catchy songs and the hijinks is a pit of forced labor and inescapable greed.


16 Inexplicable Skills Movie Characters Gain Out Of Nowhere

With great power comes great jazz chops.


5 Behind The Scenes Stories That Ruin Great Movies

Who killed the world? You guys. The ones making this movie. Right now.


5 Clever Song Lyrics That Foreshadow Big Movie Moments

Sometimes, composers will get clever and insert cues that practically give away the endings to the shows or movies you're watching. If, that is, you're paying close enough attention and have an encyclopedic knowledge of both popular and classical music.


Proof That 'Good Vs Evil' Is All Just A Matter Of Setting

Rowdy Roddy Piper will always be the hero. Sorry, everyone else.


Pop Culture Cocktails That'll Eff You Up In Real Life

Two of the world's most favorite pastimes are getting drunk and watching television. It's even more fun to do those two things in conjunction with one another, especially when the shows are inventing new and exciting cocktails for you to try.


Some Of Your Favorite Characters Were Almost Terrible

One rendition of the alien was almost adorably and comically awful


Famous Movie Moments That Look Hilarious With CGI Removed

The behind-the-scenes footage of 'Jungle Book' makes it look like the Cookie Monster's sex offender cousin was trying to sneak up on Mowgli.