22 Characters We Love on the Screen Who Would Crumble IRL

Goku couldn’t handle real life
22 Characters We Love on the Screen Who Would Crumble IRL

Screenworld is a magical place where social niceties and, quite often, the laws of physics don’t apply. Wizards? They exist. Time? It bends to our will. Death? A mere inconvenience. Soulmates always make it work regardless of the practical barriers to their relationship, and the entire justice system can be undone with one dramatic speech. It’s a nice place to visit for no longer than two hours, because after that, you’d start to realize what a dystopia it is.

Part of that is the infrastructure that supports characters who are fascinating to watch but would be nightmares in the real world. Eccentrics who keep getting themselves into dire circumstances. Geniuses who abuse everyone they consider beneath them (i.e., everyone). Actual supernatural entities.

The realm of movies and TV are full of them, so when user TheOfficialMemeLord asked r/AskReddit, “What fictional character is great in fiction but would function terribly in real life civilization?,” Reddit came up with plenty of characters who would be shunned by society in about five minutes.

Don Draper


Doc Brown

Luna Lovegood

Dora the Explorer

Junie B. Jones


Willy Wonka

Dr. Gregory House

Captain Kirk

John Constantine

Mr. Bean


Greg Universe

Detective Conan


Casper the Friendly Ghost

Michael Scott

Dean Winchester

Tom Nook

James Bond

The Road Runner

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