20 Great Movies That No One Remembers

‘Murder by Death’ is a classic on par with ‘Clue’
20 Great Movies That No One Remembers

Hundreds of movies are released every year. If you tried to remember them all, you might forget more important things, like your children’s names or the lyrics of “Return of the Mack.” That’s why so many even massively successful movies are at risk of becoming “forgotbusters,” or movies nobody remembers despite being huge deals at the time. It’s almost kind of nice to know that, no matter how much money you drop on awe-inspiring special effects or flashy action sequences or big name actors, if people don’t love a story, it will fade to obscurity.

But sometimes even great movies fall through the cracks of collective consciousness. Maybe it wasn’t very widely seen despite its obvious superiority or it was overshadowed by its more extravagant brethren or it’s just freaking old. Whatever the case, when r/AskReddit was posed the question, “What’s a movie you love that you swear no one ever talks about like the world has forgotten it?,” it seemed like everyone had their own personal beloved cinematic underachiever.

Fly Away Home

Zathura: A Space Adventure

The Fall

The Sting

Batteries Not Included

The Pink Panther Strikes Again




Murder By Death


Short Circuit

The Court Jester


Strange Brew

The Death of Stalin

Grosse Pointe Blank


Enemy Mine

We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

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