24 Old Movies That Easily Outshine Even Today’s Best Stuff

24 Old Movies That Easily Outshine Even Today’s Best Stuff

A lot of them might be silly little car chases or superhero-go-pow, but movies might be the fastest-advancing art form in history. Think about it: It was only about a century ago that the idea of sound in a movie was considered ridiculous. Go back another 30 years, and the whole enterprise was basically voodoo, as far as the public was concerned. Now, movies are barely made of people. Just make one good-looking person talk to a tennis ball, and you’ve got a summer blockbuster on your hands.

But that’s not necessarily for the best. A lot of relics from the days when practical effects were the only option still knock even the best CGI on its ass. Coming up with an original story is kind of compulsory when it’s among the first of its kind, as opposed to today’s endless sequels and adaptations. Even the actors were better back when being a movie star was about as viable a career path as “vacuum influencer” is now. It’s no surprise, then, that when user KralMdei asked r/AskReddit, “Which old movie is better than most movies today?” Reddit had plenty to get crotchety about.

The Thing


It’s a Wonderful Life

Back to the Future



The Apartment

12 Angry Men

The Shining

Rosemary’s Baby

Rear Window

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

The Return of the Living Dead

The Godfather

Dr. Strangelove

Key Largo

All About Eve

Some Like It Hot


Journey to the Center of the Earth

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Young Frankenstein



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