20 Cases of Awful CGI in Hollywood Movies

Like we didn't already know computers could be used for horrible things.
20 Cases of Awful CGI in Hollywood Movies

We’re not the best people to judge the quality of Hollywood CGI. We have this theory that the entire world since 1997 is a computer-generated simulation written by an A.I. who was fed the complete works of André Breton and fever dreams of alley hobos, so really, as far as we know, the very computer in which we’re reading this is also CGI, and the audience watching this thing we call “reality” is actually laughing at our food not being made of delicious, chunky billionaires. That being said, there are two things we do know: first, that we exist. Duh. But second, when CGI is bad, it is really bad.

For this Pictofact, we’ve decided to pour some bleach into our eyes (don’t do it at home, though) and take a look at some of the worst CGI in Hollywood movies. Now, there are some examples of ’90s CGI, but that is not cheating because when reality is computer-generated, we make our own rules. And we’ve discussed FX a lot here at Cracked, even effects that seemed to be CGI but weren’t (as if reality were not CGI, sure). Still, now came the time for awful CGI. Other examples are more recent, and we’re even discussing classic instances of horrible CGI. In any case, the point is clear: we’re just getting started to repeat the word “CGI,” so let’s go!

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