You surely already realize that visual elements are utilized in so many films to enhance (or occasionally impair) our visual pleasure. Still, you probably didn't realize how frequently or to what extreme they are being used in today's film business.

Well, we already know that perhaps the tiger from Life of Pi was just not real (don't we?). Almost all of what we've seen in The Avengers wasn't either. And, of course, Alice in Wonderland. That also was untrue. Sorry. However, you might be astonished to hear that other films have been digitally changed in unexpected ways.

Look, we're all aware that much of what we see onscreen is generated by computers and methodically incorporated into the action. And, despite all of the technological advancements, it still looks ridiculously strange a lot of the time.

However, it turns out that before the CGI, 100% of the sequences looked a billion times odd. Take a look at this:

Here’s the full story, plus 14 others:

For Jurassic World, they 3D-printed a large, physical Tyrannosaurus Rex. That T-Rex was made from the effects company's digital files, so in a sense it was CG in real life. The prop was like a huge dinosaur jigsaw puzzle. CRACKED.COM


Terminator 2 features a lot of CGI, but the splash head effect isn't one of them. For that effect, they made a sculpture of Robert Patrick's head, sculpted a splash in it, and then made a rubber puppet based on it. CRACKED.COM


When Bran's crew fought the wights in Game of Thrones, that wasn't all CGI. In the S4E10 fight, some things, like the wight on Hodor's back, were real-that one was a dummy torso that they embellished with CGI. CRACKED.COM


Tenet had way, way fewer scenes with visual effects than you might think. It had under 300 shots with visual effects, and editor Jennifer Lame says the VFX shot count is probably lower than most romantic comedies. CRACKED.COM


In Halloween Kills, they didn't use CGI de-aging or anything for Dr Samuel Loomis. Loomis in that movie was actually just a guy who was wearing an extremely elaborate, 11-piece prosthetic that included hair pieces. CRACKED.COM


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