Look, we all get that a ton of what we see onscreen is generated by computers and painstakingly melded into the action. And despite all the advances in the tech, a lot of the time it looks laughably weird.

But as it turns out, 100 percent of the scenes were a billion times weirder-looking before the CGI was added. Take a look:

The alien dogs in Solo were real dogs in foam latex suits (which took six months to make). The dogs probably didn't mind the whole thing too much, as

The Phantom Menace's Darth Maul rode around on a giant blue rocking horse. That's what stood in for his cool hoverbike. It didn't even have handles, s

18 Scenes That Look Hilarious (With No CGI)

Skyscraper was pretty much filmed without skyscrapers. D WAYNE JOH'NSO.N SKYSCRAPER JULY In the ads, The Rock hangs on for dear life hundreds of feet

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The airport battle in Captain America: Civil War looks like a cosplay bash. The actors ran at each other on a giant empty set, making the whole thing

18 Scenes That Look Hilarious (With No CGI)

Avatar's romantic scenes (like most others) were filmed with mo-cap suits and headsets. 0E The dangling wires and blue face dots (which are motion cap

Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom's Blue was a guy in cargo shorts. Yup, a dude wearing a plastic dinosaur head as a hat played a raptor. And Chris Pratt

Christopher Robin's stuffed toys were held up by creepy-looking metal rods. ARTSY FIArtsy RO peM WEL TO FER No word on whether the kids on set were tr

In Batman V Superman, the Batsuit often wasn't there. . ODDD.D. Apparently, it was cheaper to make Batman's suit all-CGI in some scenes. The Batman VS

18 Scenes That Look Hilarious (With No CGI)

In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast looked like a B-movie henchman. The actor was in a padded grey bodysuit, making for Emma Watson's most awkward roma

One of the Fantastic Beasts, the Thunderbird, was a grey head held up by a crewmember. Presumably, it took the full range of Eddie Redmayne's acting p

18 Scenes That Look Hilarious (With No CGI)

The Last Jedi's throne room scene had an older guy just standing there. Apparently, the VFX artists needed the reference for Snoke (alongside a life-s

Peter Rabbit used what look like bunny crash test dummies. The stand-ins for CGI bunnies were creepy, dead-eyed rabbit dolls. Watch out, Bea those hea

For Terminator Genisys, Arnie was made up like a rave enthusiast. The green face paint was there so they could add cyborg parts over it, but it made h

Thanos was a cardboard cutout in Avengers: Infinity War. Josh Brolin had a stick strapped to his back, with a cardboard Thanos head on top (this showe
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