22 Special Effects, Revealed

22 Special Effects, Revealed

“Movie magic” has never been actual magic. But it's not always computer generated either. Contrary to popular belief, not everything in films is done with CGI. Sure, there's no argument that CGI has been a crutch for several film productions, due to its ability to darn near accomplish any visual at fraction of the price and without the danger of the real thing, but there is no denying the authenticity of an actual detailed costume or impressive stunt. 

It's true that Jurassic Park championed CGI in film, but most of the dinosaurs were people in costumes or robotic puppets operated by humans. Several films have accomplished great scenes thanks to stop-motion animation, giant constructed sets, or just plain talent.

Sometimes the best special effects are the ones that fool the audience into thinking that only a computer can accomplish them. Cracked and AuntieMeme have teamed up to provide you some context about some special effects you've seen in your favorite (and not-so-favorite) movies

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