Noted Menswear Expert Uses George Costanza to Explain the Rules of Style

Fashion authority Derek Guy uses ‘Seinfeld’s greatest style icon to explain the basics of dressing well
Noted Menswear Expert Uses George Costanza to Explain the Rules of Style

No one knows the dos and don’ts of fashion more intimately than George Costanza. For instance, don’t ever charge an $8,000 sable hat to your friend’s corporate card just to date the saleswoman.

Much like Seinfled itself, the fits that George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer rocked for nine special seasons are equal parts timeless and iconic. And, just like the comedy of the classic sitcom, the fashion of Seinfeld is still studied by the more cultured TV viewers as a blueprint for how to reach artistic heights that never go out of style. From hats to jackets to jeans to sneakers, so many of the pieces displayed by Seinfeld’s unmatched wardrobe department deserve dissection for their incredible quality over a quarter of a century after the show ended. 

Canadian fashion industry writer and commentator Derek Guy, better known as “the menswear guy” on the internet, is one such style scholar who uses the fits of Seinfeld to educate a younger generation of male clothes-wearers (and a middle-aged generation of far-right political figures) on the basic tenets of dressing well. Last night, Guy delivered a lecture on men’s tailoring using one of his absolute favorite style icons as an example of menswear done right — and failed presidential candidate Ron DeSantis as George’s “opposite.”

Of course, Guy isnt the first fashion expert to espouse the virtues of Georges sense of style — think pieces and examinations on the staying power of Georges outfits are a regular feature of online fashion discourse. However, Guy did something especially helpful with Georges classic looks by giving us great examples of exactly how not to dress juxtaposed against Georges perfection, demonstrating that fashion may be the only part of Georges life where his instincts arent leading him astray. The many conservative men featured in the thread would do well to start doing the opposite of what their gut tells them, should they wish to improve post-comparison.

“Solid thread as usual,” one commenter replied to Guys visual lecture. “Out of curiosity why do you consistently use right-leaning political figures as examples?”

To which Guy glibly replied, “George Soros pays me to do these threads.”


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