‘Look at How They Massacred My Boy’: ‘Frasier’ Fans Can’t Believe the Shoes Paramount Put on Their King

How in the world did Seattle’s most stylish psychologist show up to a photo shoot in comfort wear?
‘Look at How They Massacred My Boy’: ‘Frasier’ Fans Can’t Believe the Shoes Paramount Put on Their King

As we await the launch of the Frasier reboot series on October 12th, Crane-heads are demanding a call-in from the costume designer responsible for slapping a pair of comfortwear sneakers on Kelsey Grammer’s dignified feet for the most off-brand poster shoot in his character’s history. They’re listening. 

Radio host and psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane can be described with any number of less-than-complimentary words — like pedantic, petulant, pompous or perpetually, uncontrollably horny — but “slovenly” is not a term found in his leather-bound lexicon. Frasier’s apartment at Elliott Bay Towers is impeccably furnished. His sweater vests are spotless. His sport coats are sleek and cutting. Frasier’s style, like the man himself, is sophisticated and timeless, and you could never find an imitator in the aisles of a Ross Dress for Less or the footwear section of your local Walmart.

Since Frasier’s appearance is as refined as the rest of his tastes, then why, asks menswear writer Derek Guy, does the newest poster put out by Paramount+ show him rocking a pair of jeans-colored sneakers like some suburban Seattle substitute teacher?

Many less cultured commenters under Guy’s post have argued that, at Grammer’s advanced age of 68 years old, the actor may require specially cushioned shoes to keep up with the demands of a sitcom production schedule. However, Guy argues, style and comfort need not be mutually exclusive — especially on a Paramount budget. “There is an industry of bespoke shoemakers who make shoes for TV and film productions,” Guy writes. “Do people think that bespoke shoes can’t (be) made to fit orthotics? They are literally made however you want.”

Along with the predictable slew of “What are those???” GIFs, outraged and fashionable Frasier fans have been searching for answers as to how their favorite character could show up to a photo shoot looking like he’s late to his mall-walking meet-up. Some have argued that an in-universe explanation for the embarrassing footwear will be revealed, with one hypothesizing, “Maybe this is him at the nadir point of the hero’s journey.”

Another wrote plainly, “Scrambled egg all over his face.”

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