Which Topical Stories Are the Most Likely to Get the ‘South Park’ Treatment in Season 27?

Which Topical Stories Are the Most Likely to Get the ‘South Park’ Treatment in Season 27?

Almost a year after the conclusion of South Park Season 26, many of the show’s fans are puzzled that Trey Parker and Matt Stone still have not yet announced a release date for Season 27 — it’s not like there’s a lack of parody-primed material.

Under the current contract structure for South Park, new content from the beloved satire franchise is split between two homes as new episodes land on Max while the specials air on Paramount+. This unusual shared-custody situation is the subject of a lengthy legal battle between the two media megacompanies, and it’s led to large gaps between releases of any kind of South Park content. Right now, South Park seasons are limited to six episodes with two longer specials in between each set of regular releases. We’ve already watched the two specials for this off-season, the oft-quoted and misunderstood South Park: Joining the Panderverse and the comparably muted South Park: Not Suitable for Children, and, with no season premiere date in sight, fans are starting to get antsy. 

In the South Park subreddit, some fans speculated on possible topics that the theoretical 27th season could cover, assuming any of the news stories of today are still notable in the undefined future when the season premieres. Here are some of their most interesting picks, starting with…

Vince McMahon’s Entire Situation

The disgraced WWE don’s public unraveling is ugly, sensitive and deeply disturbing — which makes Vince McMahon’s federal sex-trafficking investigation an absolutely perfect target for a gleefully tasteless South Park parody. McMahon has already appeared on South Park in the Season 13 episode “W.T.F.”, where he nearly gets assassinated by rocket launcher while scouting fresh wrestling talent, but his sexual assault scandal could prove even more explosive during his possible return.

Anything With Joe Biden

Due to the corner Parker and Stone wrote themselves into with the President Garrison storyline, it makes sense that they’ve sat out the Biden presidency thus far. Like the majority of America, the South Park writers couldn’t even conceive of the possibility that Donald Trump might actually win the 2016 election, and in the years since, they’ve never hit national politics nearly as hard as they did during that campaign trail. However, should Season 27 come out shortly before November, they might not have a choice this time.

Randy Is Billie Eilish

Everyone already knows that the pop sensation Lorde is actually a 45-year-old geologist and weed farmer with a gift for music mixing, but the next generation of sensitive synth-heavy pop fans need a new icon who is secretly a middle-aged man. However, Billie Eilish has already been in the zeitgeist for a while, and by the time Season 27 finally premieres, there may be a new pop sensation whose dark stubble somehow doesn’t betray her secret identity.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Season 26 satirized the super-famous power couple of the moment when it took down Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in “The World-Wide Privacy Tour,” which may have even caused a rift in the multi-million dollar Harghan household. Seeing as Parker and Stone are die-hard Denver Broncos fans, we can definitely see South Park taking on their division rivals and the massive media circus surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end’s entanglement with the biggest pop star on the planet.


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