Trey Parker and Matt Stone to Release ‘South Park’ 25th Anniversary Live Album With the Biggest Rock Stars of 1997

Trey Parker and Matt Stone to Release ‘South Park’ 25th Anniversary Live Album With the Biggest Rock Stars of 1997

Everyone already knows that Kyle’s mom is the biggest bitch in the whole wide world, but this Record Store Day, she’ll also be the biggest bitch on vinyl.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s musical abilities are no secret among South Park fans, nor are Broadway nerds unaware of the pair’s composer prowess. In fact, the only part of the creative duo’s body of work that isn’t controversial among the general public is Parker and Stone’s immense discography that is near-universally acknowledged as top-tier. The two count multiple Tonys, a Grammy and an Oscar nomination among their musical accolades, and their flagship franchise is littered with all-time great original songs. When South Park celebrated its quarter-century anniversary in 2022, it was only fitting for Parker and Stone to mark the occasion with a set of shows at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, where they played the series’ greatest hits alongside many of its greatest musical guests.

The South Park 25th anniversary show featured long-time friends of the series with the bands Primus, Ween and two-thirds of Rush all playing in the celebration of South Park’s music. On April 20th, a limited-edition live album of the anniversary concert will hit the shelves at record stores across the country — with a festive nod from our friend Towelie.

South Park diehards will recall that many of the very famous musicians featured on the live album have been friends of the show for a very long time. Primus composed and performed the show’s theme song, with singer Les Claypool reprising his voice role for the Red Rocks concert and subsequent album while donning his signature riverboat hat and striped red shirt. The band even appeared in the Season Two episode “Chef Aid,” playing themselves playing a concert to support the show’s beloved cook.

Ween also appeared in “Chef Aid” as well as the accompanying Comedy Central mockumentary special “Chef Aid: Behind the Menu,” in which the musicians behind hits such as “Ocean Man” and “Tried and True” credited the fictional character voiced by Isaac Hayes with inspiring their career success. Outside of South Park, Parker and Stone opened for Ween at a handful of concerts between 1999 and 2000 with their punk band DVDA.

And, finally, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, the surviving members of Rush, were later additions to the South Park universe, appearing in the Season 15 episode “Royal Pudding” alongside their late drummer Neil Peart. In the entry, the iconic Canadian prog rock band played a tribute to the kidnapped princess of Canada with the somber song “Like a Fart in the Wind,” which inspired multiple grief-driven suicides, including that of the guitarist Lifeson.

The South Park 25th Anniversary Album will be an extremely limited pressing, with only 4,000 vinyls to be distributed among participating record stores. Fans who do manage to get their hands on the record will be treated to a timely 4/20 easter egg — the three-part album is pressed on a specially colored vinyl called “Towelie Blue.”


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