Here’s the Latest Evidence That Tom Segura Might Be a Sociopath

Segura’s birthday ‘present’ to his elderly mother was a half step below torturing small animals on the sociopath scale
Here’s the Latest Evidence That Tom Segura Might Be a Sociopath

The American Psychological Association lists the warning signs of antisocial personality disorder as “repeated violations of the law, exploitation of others, deceitfulness, impulsivity, aggressiveness, reckless disregard for the safety of self and others and irresponsibility, accompanied by lack of guilt, remorse, and empathy,” presumably because there wasn’t enough space in their dictionary to add, “Tricking your elderly mother into taking a helicopter ride from hell just to entertain Jimmy Kimmel."

Even the most die-hard Tom Segura fans will agree that the Netflix stand-up superstar and podcasting magnate has what can be described as a “mean sense of humor” to the same degree that his buddy Bert Kreischer is “shirt-averse.” Segura’s podcasts have long featured the Austin-based comedian watching a video of some stranger suffering a bizarre, violent accident while he laughs uncontrollably — videos like Segura himself eating absolute shit and destroying an arm and a leg during a slam dunk contest with Kreischer. However, even when Segura stops laughing, his gleeful lack of empathy still shines through in moments like his unhinged Twitter meltdown over absolutely mundane travel complications.

Despite his more cat-torture-y characteristics, Segura still maintains a close relationship with his family, including one of his favorite targets, his 79-year-old mother, Mom Segura. During last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Segura revealed his recent birthday gift to his poor Peruvian mom: a secretly filmed, intentionally terrifying stunt flight over Austin that he pitched as a peaceful helicopter tour of the city. And, to make us complicit in the torment, Segura showed all of America the footage.

Seriously, at 79, youd think Mom Segura would be old enough to sit out of her sons pranks. But as the stand-up explained, thats not their relationship — because she is “naturally hilarious,” Segura will continue to mine her for nonconsensual comedy opportunities for as long as shes physically able to climb into his flying death trap.

Thankfully, no one got hurt during this installment of Tom Segura taking pleasure in the pain of others, but Seguras neighbors in Austin would do well to keep an eye on the comic in case any of the neighborhood cats or kids go missing. For all we know, Seguras stacking up bodies like Garth Brooks down there.


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