Tom Segura Loses His Mind on ‘The Poors’ After He Had to Gate-Check A Bag

An apology from the American Airlines Twitter account wasn’t enough to mend the grievous wound of a mundane bag check
Tom Segura Loses His Mind on ‘The Poors’ After He Had to Gate-Check A Bag

After Tom Segura sustained traumatic sports injuries following a catastrophic slam-dunk contest with Bert Kreischer, the successful Netflix comic claimed that he experienced an epiphany similar to a near-death experience during his difficult recovery, reflecting, “What you ultimately realize in those situations is that there’s nothing like human connection.” 

Looking at Segura’s recent Twitter feed, that enlightenment dulled the second he stepped foot in a public airport.

Late last week, Segura suffered an injustice on par with the most egregious of civil rights violations — he had to fly on a commercial airliner. Following a meteoric rise to the upper echelon of the “manosphere,” the podcaster has spent recent months semi-ironically ranting on his shows Your Mom's House and 2 Bears, 1 Cave about his spectacular financial success, his luxury watch collection and his proud disdain for “the Poors,” who would only ever object to his tacky, nouveau riche grandstanding out of sheer jealousy of his achievements. Though Segura considers himself fit for travel on private jets exclusively, he found himself flying as a commoner this past Thursday when an American Airlines worker grievously insulted him by asking him to gate-check his carry-on bag for no charge.

The podcasting patrician’s response to the profoundly mundane incident that anyone who flies regularly has experienced could be roughly translated from Asshole to English as, “How dare an hourly worker speak to me?”

Segura, whose late father was a First Vice President of Merrill Lynch, has long been alienating fans with his indulgently elitist comments, and many disillusioned former followers have taken to online forums to discuss how his latest pathetic, entitled meltdown was the straw that broke the nepo baby’s back. “Recently it’s been hard to tell where the joke begins and ends with him,” one user wrote in the Joe Rogan subreddit, with another adding, “He's becoming the person he used to make fun of when he was actually funny.” 

Another former fan went further, writing of Segura, “This is why I stopped listening to YMH and consuming Tom’s content. He’s been such a stuck-up little bitch for like the last two years that it’s ruined the funny. He literally thinks he’s the ubermensch or something because Rogan put him on and suddenly he’s all about that bootstraps life even though his dad was a fuckin hedge fund manager and Tom never had to actually work a job ever.” They continued, “There was a months long run of Tom just saying shit like he’s so smart and talented and hard working and rich and better than everyone else that it went beyond razzing and I actually believe he thinks that way.”

Another simply stated, “Somebody lacks empathy, and it’s not Garth Brooks.”

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