Ted Cruz Asks Tom Segura Where Bad Words Come From

An outtake from ‘Sledgehammer’ explains an awkward interaction with Segura’s senatorial new neighbor
Ted Cruz Asks Tom Segura Where Bad Words Come From

I’m just saying that I’ve never heard of a transgender person saying the phrase “daughter-fuckers.”

Like most wildly successful stand-up-comics-turned-podcasters, Tom Segura recently relocated from Los Angeles to a lavish residence in Austin, Texas. In his new neighborhood, the Your Mom’s House Host now rubs elbows with the many movers and shakers of the Lone Star State’s capital, including a certain senator and failed presidential candidate who has a strange way of welcoming new people to the neighborhood.

According to Segura, the senator who may or may not be the Zodiac Killer spends his free time wondering where certain phrases like “motherfucker” and the definitely-not-an-expression-to-anyone-besides-Ted-Cruz “daughter-fucker” originate. In an outtake from his recent special Sledgehammer, Segura recalls the ridiculous way maybe-Cruz broke the ice with his new neighbor and the series of strange queries Segura had to answer on his morning walk.

“Where do you think the term ‘motherfucker’ comes from?” doesn’t seem like it should be the second question anyone asks a neighbor after, “Are you the comedian?” but then again, I’m not possibly-Ted-Cruz. “Do you think it’s from people doing that?” followed by “How many people do you think do that?” should have been odd enough to end the conversation, but Segura wisely stuck around to hear maybe-maybe-not-Cruz drag daughters into the mix for completely unknown reasons.

Thankfully, the senator cleared the air with Segura on the second interaction — we wouldn’t want anyone thinking that probably-Ted-Cruz had eyes for anyone besides his wife.

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