Tom Segura Latest Comic to Insist His Comedy Special Will Offend

Tom Segura Latest Comic to Insist His Comedy Special Will Offend

Okay, everybody, get ready to hide the kids under the bed. Another stand-up comedian has a special coming out, and like many of his cohorts, he’s guaranteeing that its outrageous content will offend your delicate sensibilities. That’s some tough talk, Tom Segura — let’s see what you got with the upcoming Sledgehammer.

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Sledgehammer, which apparently is a euphemism for Segura’s boulder-pulverizing penis, is “fun, it’s outrageous and I’m sure it’s going to offend people,” the comic told Variety. “But if you’re not doing that, you’re not doing your job.” 

Segura is sure his new show is going to offend people? That reminds us of the promise Amy Schumer made earlier this month about her new Netflix special, Emergency Contact. “I’m talking smack. I’m burning bridges,” Schumer told Today. “I’m like, how are people going to react to this one? I didn’t hold back.” And yet, last we checked, no one canceled their Netflix subscriptions or organized protests outside the Schumer compound. Her special was fine. It was funny. But if you’re a comedy fan who has heard stand-up routines in, say, this century, Emergency Contact didn’t get you bent out of shape.

It’s the latest comedian badge of honor: I will offend you! (But only by punching up.)

Now maybe Segura is really going to blow our ears off, but his description of the special’s contents doesn’t exactly seem like he’s wandering into Chappelle territory. Bits about his love for Brad Pitt, what it’s like bringing up two sons (“It’s like raising wild donkeys!”) and the lessons learned from sharing gummies with his mother sound like fertile fodder for jokes, but outrage is probably not going to be the reaction. By his own accounting, Segura serves up a “family man” brand of comedy. So unless you’re shocked that adults swallow edibles (legal in 23 states, so how shocked can we be?), we doubt anyone is getting canceled here, no matter what cultural dangers Rob Schneider says may lie ahead.

No worries for Segura either way — he believes online backlash is a bunch of nonsense. “The backlash stuff is not real! It’s not true. The time you get into deeper shit is when you, the comedian, decide to engage in the backlash,” he says. “Guess what? It always goes away.” 

You’d better watch it, Segura. Talk like that won’t get you a special on Fox Nation. 

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