Bert Kreischer Invites Fans to Photoshop His ‘Rock Bottom’ Photo into Memes

Kreischer’s pre-weight loss ‘before’ picture gets mercilessly meme’d
Bert Kreischer Invites Fans to Photoshop His ‘Rock Bottom’ Photo into Memes

Throwing out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game should never be anyone’s rock-bottom moment — unless, of course, you’re 50 Cent.

Bert Kreischer can loosely be described as “body positive.” The Florida-born comic’s signature look is sweaty, stout and topless. He’s been described by his friends as, “Brent Crystals, the fattest man in the world.” He’s big. However, he used to be much bigger — when he and his fellow fat comedian friend Tom Segura challenged each other to a weight-loss competition, it changed Kreischer’s lifestyle from one of beer bongs and cheeseburgers to one of marathons, triathlons and vegetables — plus some beer bongs and cheeseburgers. He didn’t change that much.

Much of Kreischer’s motivation to lead an active lifestyle comes from a picture taken of him in April 2008 when he threw out the first pitch at Progressive Field before a Cleveland Guardians (then Indians) game. In all his flabby, freeze-framed glory, that moment served as Kreischer’s “rock bottom” before he started to turn things around. Earlier this week, Kreischer proudly posted his rock-bottom photo on Twitter and invited his followers to Photoshop, meme and mock it as much as their hypertensive hearts desired.

Here are the funniest submissions:

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