Tom Segura Was Asked to Write A Book About A Country Music Star (Garth Brooks) Turned Serial Killer

Segura’s favorite running ‘joke’ nearly reached novelization
Tom Segura Was Asked to Write A Book About A Country Music Star (Garth Brooks) Turned Serial Killer

Your Mom’s House fans can stop asking Garth Brooks, “Where are the bodies?” and start asking Tom Segura, “Where’s the book?”

Segura’s ongoing fascination with the superstar country singer is one of the most popular inside jokes among followers of the podcast the Netflix stand-up staple hosts with his wife, fellow comic Christina Pazsitzky. The meme-turned-cyberbullying-campaign originated with a series of strange social media posts made by Brooks, which Segura and Pazsitzky mocked mercilessly on-air — in one such instance, the pair watched a video of an emotional speech made by Brooks at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, with Segura remarking, “What’s going on is that he’s thinking about all the bodies he has stacked in f-ing graves in his yard,” adding, “He’s probably killed two, three hundred people in his life.”

Today, “Where are the bodies?” is a rallying cry for Segura fans who can’t get enough of pretending that Brooks is as prolific a murderer as he is a country singer, and a reference to the bit in Segura’s recent special Sledgehammer drew a massive response from the Arizona crowd. And, as Segura recalled in a recent interview with The Rolling Stone, an agent even pitched him on writing a novel about “a country music star that is a serial killer.” Sound familiar, Garth?

“It’s really taken off,” Segura said of his running joke/conspiracy theory about Brooks. “And I always like to point out that these are alleged accusations, and that some very savvy detectives online have managed to point out the dots between these people who have gone missing and his tour dates. I know there’s an FBI task force investigating this. That’s been confirmed.”

When asked about making a potential docuseries or Netflix show about Brooks’ alleged double life, Segura said that he doesn’t have plans to dive down the rabbit hole on-screen, though he was once asked to do so through literary “fiction.” “I wrote this book that was a collection of essays and short stories, and it was a New York Times bestseller and did well,” said Segura referencing last year’s I'd Like to Play Alone, Please. “When your book does well, they get really excited and are like, ‘You should write another one!’ And I was like, ‘Fuck no! I’m not writing another one for a long time.’”

However, when the agent suggested centering the story around a certain country killer, Segura’s interest was positively piqued. “I was like, ‘Man! You’re gonna get me to write another book, aren’t you?’ I got so excited about the story. Thank god I was on tour.”

Sadly, Segura turned down the opportunity to write a book about not-Brooks’ exploits — if it’s because he can’t think of a good name, I’d like to humbly suggest, “Friends in Low Places.”

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